Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Change of Plans

Well, our Florida plans had a change along the way...

Monday Braeden and I were going to head out on a day together. He had chosen a day at Universal Studios and we were both really looking forward to it. BUT...

That morning at 5:33 am Liam awoke having a seizure. Now, he's had seizures in the past, but has always had the staring, non-responsive kind, and this was the shaking kind. Scary. I am "programmed" now to look at the clock first thing and time them, and after a couple minutes of shaking he turned to the non-responsive type. That lasted another couple of minutes and it was time to call 911. They took FOREVER to get there, literally, around 15 minutes! I'm VERY glad it wasn't a "real" emergency!!! By that time he was beginning to really come out of it and they checked him over and left.

Usually... that's the end of things. But not today of course. He was himself but tired that morning, and we went out to lunch. On the way back, I happened to look in the rearview mirror and caught sight of his eyes. They were wide open and staring. I called his name and could tell he was having a seizure. He's NEVER had two as close together as being in the same month, let alone day. They have always been at least a couple months apart. We again called 911 and this time the ambulance and fire dept arrived within two minutes, amazing!

We ended up at a GREAT hospital, which is a whole story about God's provision!!! Liam slept a LOT that afternoon as his body was WIPED...

I LOVED the staff at this hospital! After a while they decided to admit him and do an overnight EEG to monitor his seizure activity. When he was all hooked he had many wires which they covered with a large tube that was very long and hung down almost to the floor. He looked like Rapunzel! :)

It was a long night as he wasn't very tired after sleeping so much during the day. He finally went to sleep about 10:30! :) I had to stay in case he had another seizure so I could write the time down and push a button that would time stamp the EEG and video monitoring. He didn't have any that I'm aware of (I did sleep some.) This morning he wasn't able to eat as there was a possibility of having an MRI.

I finally spoke with the doctor; I was very impressed with her. She said that he basically has spikes of seizure activity normally through the night/day. It was possible that due to traveling his sleep schedule was off which could increase seizures. Also, due to the maturing of his brain, he could easily move into other types of seizures. She said that everything looked good so they weren't going to do an MRI. They did a med level this morning and his was low, so they increased his nighttime dosage. They also gave me a med that I am to give him if he has a seizure lasting five min. I will still call 911, but the med will help him to come out of the seizure. Finally he was able to eat about 10:30am. He was so hungry! :) The hospital was awesome and they had a HUGE menu that patients could order from at any time from 7am until 11pm. So for "breakfast" he had a cheese omelet, sausage, grapes, applesauce, orange juice, and DORITOS!

A short time later he had another bag of Doritos and some string cheese! :)

We were discharged around 2:30pm and are home now and resting ( I think I'm WAY more tired than Liam! ) LOL

On Thursday I have a short trip out of state with Olivia to celebrate her tenth birthday. This has been planned and reserved for months. I'm very worried about leaving Liam right now. Please pray for him, for me, and for my parents who will be caring for him (and Braeden) while we're gone!


Christie said...

Oh, Lisa. I'm so sorry that you've had to go through this but so glad everything turned out "ok". Praying for peace for you.

Lisa, Our youngest has seizures and they are very scary. His first set were the worst...3 right in a row and I had NO prior experience with seizures and no clue that he would be having them! Thank the Lord he hasn't had one in almost 10 months now. He had 2 EEG's which you know is fun with a little one holding still for 30 minutes! I'll keep praying for you and that sweet baby. Have a blast on your trip and know that you all are covered in prayer!

Barb said...

My son had febrile seizures and they sure are scary to watch! I will pray he has no more and you can enjoy rest of the trip. Glad to hear he is doing better now!

Jeanie said...

Prayers for Liam and you, too. I had a dog that had seizures. Yes, I realize many people won't understand the comparison, but I loved that dog, who was truly a member of the family, and just want you to know I realize how frightening seizures can be.

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