Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Yuck

We've got some sickies at our house. :( It's been going around a lot lately with kids at school and I wondered when or if it would hit us as well. (Obviously hoping it would NOT!)

Last night we went out to dinner and then were going to go see the new movie Mega*mind. During dinner Olivia began saying her stomach hurt. Now, knowing Olivia this could be and usually is, absolutely nothing. She has a hard time sometimes determining the difference between nausea, needing to go to the bathroom, being hungry, etc. She tells me from time to time that her stomach hurts and it most always turns out to be needing to use the bathroom, with the occasional "who knows" thrown in. She had hardly eaten any of her dinner and I reminded her that if she didn't eat she wouldn't be eating popcorn, yet she complained of feeling sick and didn't eat. I knew THEN that she wasn't feeling good for real. She is a popcorn girl!

Toward the end of dinner she was looking worse and I asked her if she thought she could sit through a movie or if she thought we needed to go home. I was ok with either, but it's hard to make the call sometimes and I also knew what was in store with the boys, namely Braeden, if we couldn't do the movie. She said she didn't think she could, and so I called off the movie without question. The boys were mad and I thought Braeden would lose it for a minute but he was able to get himself together: Very proud of him for that!

Well, we barely made it in the door before Olivia was running to the bathroom to get sick! :( Poor buddy! She spent the next 3+ hours getting sick, so not fun! She finally was able to get to sleep thank goodness. This morning she was running a fever so I gave her some medicine along with her HIV meds. She kept them down and hasn't gotten sick all day, but still didn't feel real well. Tonight she was feeling better and ate a bit more than the half piece of toast for breakfast and the couple spoonfuls of soup for lunch I made her eat. She started a fever again tonight and is peacefully sleeping now. Hoping she feels even better tomorrow!

Then tonight at dinner Liam started complaining of not feeling well. Hard to know with that one too because he could be copying Olivia or being stubborn on eating. But, sure enough, as I went to get the garbage can just in case, he threw up all over the ONE rug on the first floor as well as on Percy! Oh joy! I made him a makeshift bed on the living room floor with towels and a bucket. He's laying there watching Wizard of Oz (second time today) and then leaning over to thrown up every now and then. So sad!!!

So far Braeden and I are ok (knock on wood)... that's the hardest for me as a single parent, being sick myself and caring for the kids, though it would be a little better now that they're older perhaps. Hoping for a restful night for us all!

And, because posts are BORING without pictures... I found this on my camera today. I had forgotten I took it, but this was awaiting me outside the door the other night when I let Percy out before bedtime. Couldn't believe it!

Have a great night!


Leslie said...

:( I hope you are all better soon.

Christie said...

Aww, praying everyone is feeling better today!!!

Holly said...

oh Lisa, that is yucky. Praying that you stay healthy and that everyone recovers soon!
Big hugs,

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