Tuesday, November 02, 2010


As most of you know I am in process currently to adopt a child with special needs from Hong Kong. I can't begin to tell you how God is working in my life through this process. I am not usually one for waiting around, I am not necessarily impatient, but if there is something to get done or something I am longing for or needing, I just do it. Each step of the way when I am the one in control of getting paperwork gathered, getting appointments made, getting local background checks and fingerprints and shots, it has gotten done and has gotten done quickly. But in the interim, in the interim when I'm waiting on workers to approve my application, or doctors' offices to send in medical forms that were given to them WITH a SASE over a month prior, or references to be sent in and then lost in the mail and resent and resent, etc. It's been a wait and a test for ME.

When I first began this process one of the things I looked at was timeframes to bringing a child home. It was almost unfathomable to me to wait 14 to 24 months from start to finish. Don't "normally" expecting parents primarily wait 9??? My journey began with an adoption from the Congo in Africa and I truly felt that that was "it", that was where we were being called. But God had other plans. That process most likely would have moved quickly. I most likely would by now be awaiting or receiving a referral photo of our new little one. We would know who they were. We would be working out travel. But God had other plans. And in the whirlwind that followed when things were up in the air as to where we were now to head, He led us to Hong Kong. And amazingly, the anxiousness over "hurry up and get here now" is leading way to a peace that can only come from Him.

I'm at peace in the fact that not only are we no where near a photo of a child, that it very well may be next fall when things begin falling into place. And I'm ok with that. I know without a doubt that God is preparing both our new child and ourselves in ways we have yet to understand. And I know that in HIS time, all will be set right.

So where are we now in our process? Well, my homestudy has been sent to my adoption agency. They are set to go over it this week and let us know then if it is approved or needs tweaking. At that time it will be sent to our state for approval and I will receive information from my agency to begin compiling the information needed to apply to Hong Kong in order to adopt as well as begin compiling info for my dossier. Once my state approves the study, I am then able to apply to USCIS for my I800A. With that approval I'm at a place where I can inquire about children on the waiting child list. Currently there aren't any listed that I feel are a match for our family, so it's also a waiting game as to when one may be listed. But again, I know God is working this out.

Thank you for your support and your role in helping to bring our newest child HOME!


:)De said...

I am excited and praying for you all through this process.

Holly said...

Hong Kong really is incredible. a GREAT country to adopt from. I don't think you are planning to travel but you must go someday! Elaina cried and screamed through our stay but Tony has been several times and it really is beautiful and very very different from China.

Lisa said...

Holly, yes I'm traveling! I can't wait but am nervous having never even been out of the country! :) I'll be there most likely about a week. Not real long, but long enough to get a feel for it I hope! :)

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