Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Giveaway Winners...

The kids and I had fun today drawing the winners of our fantastic giveaway! We raised almost 300 dollars through this giveaway and I feel so blessed to have that much more knocked out of our way toward this goal of bringing a child HOME. :) Thank you thank you thank you for your prayers, support, and generous giving. A large portion of that was through two large donations, which means those two individuals had quite a few entries and netted themselves a few items. :) So without further adieu... I give you... the winners...

(I did take a photo of each and every draw and the corresponding name, but when I began the post I didn't think fifteen pics of the kids with slips of paper would be very intriguing! lol!) They each had fun choosing and reading off each name...

Liam's were near impossible as he wouldn't keep his hands still! :)

The winners are...

1. Africa set - Megan T (quite fitting as she has a gorgeous little one from Africa!)

2. Vera Bradley coin purse - Mindy B

3. Vera Bradley set - Ashley B

4. Vera Bradley coin purse - Allisonbj

5. Vera Bradley set - Amy M

6. Necklace and Ring set - Jenn B

7. Burp Cloth - Sarah H

8. Pins and Ring set - Amy M

9. Woolgypsy Gift Cert - Ashley B

10. Give Thanks Banner - Amy M

11. TX photography gift cert (No one in TX entered that I know? :( for the photography gift cert - if you'd like to bid on this separately you can!)

12. Bow Set - Jenn B

13. Gorgeous Necklace - Foster Mama K

14. Photo Charm - Anna K

15. Bowtique gift cert - Ashley B

I think I have contact info for everyone except Foster Mama K. If you could email me at anglsamngulb(at)hotmail(dot)com with your full name and address I will pass that on to Miss Chris to get your amazing necklace to you... I am SO jealous!!! :)

Ashley B - you donated through paypal so I have your address to mail you the Vera Bradley set, but I need your email to contact you regarding the two etsy store winnings. Please email or leave it as a comment so I can get in touch!!!

I hope to have all of your winnings out in the mail in the next couple days! Congrats and thanks again!!!


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