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I have what I hope to be a GREAT giveaway!!! There are many ways to get chances to win these awesome prizes listed below! This giveaway will run for only two weeks! Be sure to get your chances SOON and please pass the word!!!

Earning Entries:

The following will earn you entries into this AWESOME list of giveaways; there is no upper limit to how many you can earn!
* Earn one entry for each item purchased through Just Love Coffee (link on the left sidebar)
* Earn one entry for each necklace purchased (if buying four, the fourth will earn one entry as well)
* Earn three entries for each blog design paid for (link on the left sidebar)
* Earn one entry for each $5 donated - or five entries for each $20 donated (through the paypal link on the left sidebar)
These will earn immediate entries, no need to comment! :)

Additional Free Entries:

You will get one additional entry to the giveaway for each of the following:
* Post this giveaway link to facebook
* Blog about the giveaway on your blog
* Become a follower (let me know too if you already are!)
For each chance to enter, please leave me a separate comment!

And... here's what you could win!!!

1. First, since we began our journey with our heart in Africa, where a piece of it still resides, you can win this wonderful copper cookie cutter of Africa (~4 inches) and two African vinyl clings. They are approximately 2 1/2 inches long and are great for placing on a laptop, car windows, itouch, cell phone, planter, you name it! One has a black Africa with inspirational words in white and the word treasure written in red. The other is a picture of the world, with a hand print on top, with Africa on top of that, with a red heart inside. They are awesome!

2. A great quilted coin purse from Vera Bradley! I LOVE the color combinations on these!

3. Another set from Vera Bradley consisting of a fabric covered lipstick case with mirror and a credit card case.

4. Another quilted coin purse from Vera Bradley! I just LOVE the color combinations on these!

5. 3. Another set from Vera Bradley consisting of a fabric covered lipstick case with mirror and a credit card case.

6. Gold-plated caged heart ring with dyed sugarlite gemstone from an awesome etsy seller, AddieLaDawn, who is SIXTEEN years old!!! She has generously donated the next three giveaway sets!!! Here's what it says in her bio on her etsy site...
I'm super creative, and have been ever since I was little. I'm obsessed with making people smile! And I love doing that through the things I make.

a little more about me;
I love love love to sew!
I love anything that sparkles, glitters, shines, shimmers, you get the point!
Some of my favorite things:
Jesus, music, hair accessories, jewelry, hats, bright colors, cutesy stuff, lace, vintage, the 1950's, anything Victorian-inspired, and The Vampire Diaries :)

~Proverbs 16:3
Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.

7. A beautifully made burp cloth and bib from the same wonderful etsy seller!

8. A coffee and cream bobby pin trio and lavendar ring from AddieLaDawn as well.

9. A five dollar egift certificate from Woolgypsy, another wonderful etsy seller who has generously donated their time and energy to help with this giveaway! She has this to say in the welcome to her store...
All proceeds from my shop go towards my next trip to Mexico! I appreciate all the orders that helped me go several months ago to work with children in Bucerias. I'm going again, so each order helps pay for my upcoming trip.

10. A BEAUTIFUL 'Give Thanks' handmade banner from Jen, yet another etsy friend, and her store Make and Take Handcrafted Items. Jen says this on her profile, which I love...
PS: I don't conduct business on the Sabbath so if you convo me on Sunday please be patient, I will get back to you first thing Monday. Thank you for respecting my beliefs and my decision. :)

11. A photography gift certificate from A.C.E. Photography for a free sitting and 10% off your order, for use in Houston, San Antonio, Victoria, or Dallas, TX. - Please let me know if you are from one of these areas or nearby so I know whether or not you could put this item to use!

12. An adorable bug hair clip set from Little Princess Pea on etsy. She has this to say on her profile on etsy...
I am new to Etsy and very excited to share my items with you. For the month of July I have a new promo! Purchase two hair accessories or more and receive a free hair clip! "Just add a little something extra" for that special child in your life!

13. An amazing necklace made by Chris at using BeadforLife beads. Designs by Miss Chris is another wonderful etsy shop!!! This necklace was created especially for this giveaway... I LOVE her BeadforLife items! This is what she says about these beads...
The following is quoted from a BeadforLife leaflet that came with the beads I purchased: BeadforLife is a non profit organization providing impoverished Ugandan women an opportunity to lift their families out of poverty by making beaded jewelry out of recycled paper. Many of the beaders are HIV+ mothers or refugees, all of whom have been living in extreme poverty. In spite of their hardship, the beaders are resilient, hardworking and resourceful. Around the world, people partner with the beaders to sell beads and educate others on ways to end extreme poverty. This circle of connection enriches everyone involved. Thank you for joining the BeadCircle, connecting people worldwide to eradicate poverty one bead at a time. 1.2 billion people around the world - one out of every five people alive - struggle to survive on less than $1 a day. After paying the beaders fair trade prices for their work, all net proceeds from [the sale of the beads] are invested in programs that fight extreme poverty in the areas of health, housing, sustainable livelihood, and education.

14. A gorgeous personal photo charm for a necklace made by Cloud Nine Designz on etsy. I love what her bio says about her...
Thank you for taking the time to look at my art. Some of the things I love: creativity movies and music the color green slowing down... truth expressing oneself learning new things laughting at myself occasional solitude most of all making others happy. Even people I don't know. I am known to buy a dozen roses and hand them out to people, just to make them smile.

15. A $15 gift certificate from The Little Cajun Bowtique.


I also posted the link to your blog on FB

Blog follower! I love all the Vera Bradley items!


Megan said...

I'm definitely a follower!

Megan said...

Oh- and I just bought a necklace too. :-)

cami said...

Hi there, Sorry I'm so late getting in on this. SO FUN! I just became a follower. Best wishes to you!

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