Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Up Late... Loving White Vinegar

A great title eh? :) Let me explain...

We have a certain three year old who will remain nameless, who decided they weren't very tired last night after being up a little late already watching some tv with their older brother and sister.  All three young children were promptly put to bed as we have had lots of fun at the beach and swimming during the day, enough to wear anyone out.

Mom, thinking said child was fast on his way to dreamland, left him in the bed to fall asleep.  

Granted, he hasn't been in a twin bed long.  Granted, I've been making sure he falls asleep before leaving the room most times.  Granted, he has been up before and I've put him back to bed many nights.

This night was different.

He was placed in bed around 8:30pm.  Remember at our home bedtime is 7:00 due to being up early, etc.  Usually in FL I allow bedtimes to be 8:00, sometimes later if we're out and about.  Around 10:30pm I heard some unusual sounds, most distinctly a knocking.  I wondered "Did Braeden use the bathroom and can't get the door open?  Did Grandpa go outside for something and can't get back in?"  But as I walked toward the back of the condo where the bedroom Liam and I are sharing is located, I saw the light sneaking through the underside of the door.  I slowly opened the door and Liam began backing away saying "Hi Mama, Hi Mama, Hi Mama..."

And what to my wondering eyes should appear???  Certainly not Santa!  Everywhere I looked - down the small entry hall, right into the bathroom, straight into the bedroom, left into the closet - everywhere - was a MESS!!!!!!  Every bottle and tube from the tub and sink had been removed and played with.  There was blue toothpaste on the carpet in lovely zig zags progressing into the bedroom and wandering over the sink.  Orange marker from my mom's card supplies in the closet was scribbled on walls and sheets.  Lotion was dribbled alongside the toothpaste to offset the blue and add some white to the CREAM colored carpet.  The entire walk in closet, where once nice neat piles of the kids' clothes were waiting for their turn to be worn, were now stomped on and trampled and knocked down.  (Thank goodness there was no lotion or paste or marker in here that we've seen yet!)  The car "bucket" of toys was dumped and Video Now discs were thrown here and there, batteries were out of something yet to be determined, and all in all, a mass chaos was reigning in the small bedroom area.  

I called to my mom who was still up and the two of us began cleanup duty.  The worst seemed to be the blue toothpaste.  The blue was NOT coming out.  So I hopped on the computer and read from two sources that white vinegar would do the trick - IT DID!  The carpet looks great!  We repiled clothes, worked on the bathroom, etc.  I found my razor which thank God hadn't been used.  We left the sheets and walls for today.  We do have Magic Erasers for the walls.  The only problem is that it's flat paint and only one coat. :(  And sleeping in an Easter Egg factory is something I never want to do, it's difficult to get to sleep with the smell of vinegar! :) 

After cleaning, the blogger in me was a little upset that I hadn't taken a second to take some pictures!  You can't understand the pure chaos otherwise!  BUT, we had thrown toothpaste covered Simba in the tub for later and the sheets were still untouched, so I did snap two pics of those...

See the green scribbles?  Yea, that's blue toothpaste! :)
Needless to say, a certain three year old boy just earned himself a chaperone at all times. :)

It could be a long summer!


jodes said...

Oh... my.... goodness... Not sure whether to laugh or cry! LOL!! What a stinker.

Holly said...

oh my GOSH Lisa! Did he cry when he was caught?
Do they make straight jacket jammies for toddlers?
just KIDDING! :)

Lisa said...

LOL! Yes, when I sat him on the bed and gave him the stern talk, he bawled. :) I think he was embarrassed and very tired! :)

I told him today that he has a personal chaperone from now on... like he really understood :)

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