Friday, April 11, 2008

Leaving Date

Well, Girlie has an "official" leaving date.

Yesterday I finally had the chance to go to our agency and talk with our counselor there regarding all that I have seen with her and my thoughts and concerns for her future. She was very surprised to hear all that she is already exhibiting at such a young age. She concurs with me that she will most likely be diagnosed, pretty soon, with RAD, but fears there are other "issues" running tangent to the RAD as well. What I also thought. We also talked about the possibility of getting her "specialized." In IL, you need to get children with exceptional behaviors, etc labeled this way to get them into homes of parents who have had extra training and knowledge with many of these issues. Specialized children "count" as two placements and their foster parents are paid extra accordingly. It would be a huge benefit if she would qualify as such.

The past few days I've decided that instead of giving them a "whenever" about her future placement, I thought it would be best for all if it were to be done this summer. Summer will definately be the best time for her to transition. She won't have day care and will have time to meet the new family and visit with them without all the chaos of work, etc. So...

I emailed the cw today and told her my thoughts. I said that ideally it would be good if she could finish out the school year with us, then go along on our trip to FL planned for after school gets out. We will be back home June 22 or 23, and she could spend the last week of June visiting with her new family, moving in with them on July 1st.

That would also give me time before school starts to switch my license to the other local agency I've been wanting to move to for a while. My friend J moved hers there this past winter and just received her first placement from them of an almost 2 year old girl. They are so very different in so many ways from our agency. Most importantly, they listen to and respect the foster parents. One of the things I love about them the most, they spend every morning before work in PRAYER together over the upcoming day and the children and families they will be servicing. What a concept. :)

Anyway, my cw emailed me back and asked that I submit my plan in writing and that they are glad to have my cooperation in helping her to transition, etc. I decided to just get it over with and wrote it up and brought it there after work. The regional director was there so I was able to give it to her and we talked a bit about the situation. It sounds like she really knows what would be best for her in finding a good family. She wants me to be there when we "disclose" to the potential family so that it is all "out there" and there are no surprises. Perfect! The only problem I foresee is that while she seems good on all this, the supervisor and cw are kind of worthless and I'm fearing that they will doing most of the work. I am putting this situation in God's hands and praying for the "perfect" family for her to be found.

So, it looks like Girlie will be a part of our family until July 1st.


Jess said...

We are in Florida, but the new agency you are talking about sounds amazing. We are stuck currently with an agency we don't like, but will deal with it later.

do you have any books you would recommend about RADS.


Lisa said...

Where in FL? My parents live in Clearwater. We go there usually 2-3 weeks each summer and then sometimes over Christmas! :) I'm thinking about moving there at some point to be closer to them.
My friend just picked up a book called Attachment Disorders and is part way in. She said the whole first two chapters describes her son and my foster daughter to a t. She likes it so far, but I don't know of any others myself, sorry!

Julie said...

I know this is the best decision for Girlie and your family but it still makes me sad- :( Praying for her new family already!!! and ya'll as it will be tough all the way around. :(

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