Monday, March 03, 2008

Prayers and Blessings

Huge blessings and lot of prayers this week.

I have continued working on my finances and refiguring our budget and plan for the next year fiscally. Last week I had dropped off my tax information to have it done and submitted for our refund. I figured out about how much I should expect, based on what I've received the past two years since we've been able to deduct foster children. I added Olivia's adoption and some day care expenses this year, but thought it should still be similar since it was approximately the amount of tax that was taken out of my pay. Well my taxes were completed and ready for me to pick up this Friday. I was floored. My jaw about hit the floor as I saw that I was to receive 3,000 MORE than what I had anticipated!!! What a HUGE blessing! God is showing that He has seen how much I have been working on taking care of what He has given. Based on this, and the money we should all be getting this summer if the extra refund comes through, I should now be able to have all debt, including my car, but not my house PAID off by summer. By July 2009 I should be able to save $5,000 in an emergency fund (since I depleted my current one with all the sick days I've used) and save almost $17,000 for a new car!!!! With my trade in I should have about $20,000! Wow! That is so unreal to me! HUGE BLESSINGS!!!

Then there are the prayers. Olivia's leg has started up again. If you remember, her seizure ordeal began by her leg not working right shortly after she would go to sleep at bed or nap time. She had a day while my mom was home with the boys while they were sick where she went to the nurse's office at school saying her knee was weak and she was walking funny where it would kind of give out on her. I listened, but thought it was more of a case of grandma being home with the boys and her wanting to be there as well. I asked if she could ride out the day which she did and was fine the rest of the day. On Saturday she went to lay down for a nap, and shortly into it called out for me and said that her leg was "shaking" and she couldn't move it. She was ok after and has been since, but I of course called her doctors right away. They had said that her seizure meds were on the low end of therapeutic, so they increased her dosage today. They are also trying to get an appt for her with the neurology dept where she has not been yet. They aren't having luck getting her in for March 24, they said, which is the next time she is going up for an appt with them, so I let them know that we already have an appt with the neurology team for Liam and that if they could get them both at the same time that would be very helpful. So we'll see... Either way, lots of prayers please. I don't understand this situation being seemingly under control and then starting all over again from the beginning. It feels like deja vu in a not so good way. But I know that God is good and that He can heal Olivia of any of this.


Julie said...

I am praying- that is scary- I pray that they will figure this out quickly and with the minimal amount of freaking out on your part! It is just so hard! Hang in there- your finances sound GREAT! Way to go!!!

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