Saturday, March 29, 2008

The End of Break

It has been a great spring break! My storage area is amazing! I can actually see what is where and walk into the room again! :) I took pictures and listed many things on eBay, and have many more ready to go. I've shipped the things that have already sold. I LOVE my new glasses!

And then yesterday, our last week day of break, the day Braeden was to stay home for our action planned day, he woke with a fever of 103.7! Once the meds kicked in he did well, but only ate one bite at IHOP and FELL ASLEEP on the bench of the booth!!! lol! He did so great at his picture session and we got some great ones. I can't always say that with him! :) We did make it to the movie and the kids loved it!

Of course, once bedtime hit and he was asleep for a while, that fever rose once again. He was just radiating heat! I brought him to bed with me and alternated his meds throughout the night along with no PJs and some cool cloths on his forehead. Then at 3:15am Girlie woke crying. I went in to reassure her, and SHE was burning up!!! Got her PJs off and some meds in her and got her back to bed. I was BEAT today! She was pretty much fine today and only had Motrin this morning. Braeden did ok during the wakeful times of day, but he was warm again at naptime and didn't even want to get up. SO unlike him! He usually doesn't even take a nap! Once his meds after nap kicked in again he was fine and ate a great dinner, but we'll see what tonight brings. My poor bubba! :( If he is bad again tonight I'm going to haul the crew to ER in the morning to get him some meds. He keeps saying his throat hurts, so I'm not sure what it could be. He doesn't get sick often, and you know he is really sick when he does. Hopefully we'll be good come Monday!


Julie said...

Yea!! for your storage area- want to come do some magic on my garage? It looks like Sanford and Son! I hope everyone is feeling better!!!

Runergirl said...

I just don't know how you do it rock!

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