Saturday, June 16, 2007

Missing the Mountains

We're back. We made it. We're here. We miss the mountains!!!

We had a great vacation. I want to make that clear before I share that our "bad luck" followed us all the way to TN! Satan was set on messing up our vacation, BUT we did have a GREAT time!!! :)

The majority of the trip went GREAT. I was actually surprised how well it went. I tried some videos on Little One when he started getting antsy. The only ones he liked, and really liked where he was laughing, were the Little Einstein DVDs. I only have two. I stopped in IN to pick up a new one and we made it a rest stop and stretched our legs. Started back in the car, tried the DVD, it wouldn't work! We just played the two we had quite a bit. We arrived in the area amidst a huge thunderstorm. With that and an unclear map on getting onto a certain road, we went out of our way about an hour. Not a huge deal, but I had planned the timing pretty well and we should have arrived right at dinner time. The last hour, which shouldn't have even happened, Little One cried and cried and cried because he was hungry. He had done so well the rest of the trip! I had packed just so, so that the snacks for the trip were accessible, but the rest of the food really wasn't. I had bought a loaf of bread on our way out of town and finally ripped it open and just threw two pieces in his lap. I have a lovely picture of him, splotchy red face, tear streaked cheeks, and shoving a piece of bread in his mouth! Poor buddy!

We did finally make it to the cabin - LOVE IT - LOVE THE VIEW! - BUT, no electricity or water! I spoke with a man out walking down near our cabin with his little girl. He said power was out from two downed poles due to an accident. There was light enough outside, so I threw together some PB sandwiches and applesauce for dinner. After putting the kids to bed I put my swimsuit on ( we were in a totally private area, no one around! :) ) and went in the hot tub on the back deck overlooking the mountains. Gorgeous!!!! Here was my view:

I sat there soaking in the relaxation and praying the electricity would come on, and it did! I had thought that the water was related to the power being that we were up in the mountains??? Not so. No water still. Being as late as it was, I hit the hay and called first thing in the morning about the water.

That day the kids and I went into Pigeon Forge for the day and had a blast. We went through the Dinosaur Walk Museum (Not really worth the money, but the kids loved it. I of course forgot my camera.! ), shopped at The Christmas Place which is like 8 stores all connected, with Santa and the works, and headed back to the cabin. Still no water so I called again. They said that someone had been out and it wouldn't be able to be repaired anytime soon and we would have to move. WHAT?????!!!!!! I was practically in tears on the phone. I was so upset. I scoped out tons of cabins to pick this exact one for the view, hot tub, loft for the kids, etc. I asked where we would move to. Oh, well it's a new "cabin", an upgrade for free. I could care less about the cabin itself. It was right in town, no view, no yard, no hot tub, I could've stayed home. I finally got them to refund me 10%. Whoop tee do. So, while the kids napped, I packed up everything. No easy feat.

After they got up we waited for them to call with directions to the new "cabin." While waiting, Braeden did some little jump, turn, twist thing on the floor, feet flew out from under him and he went down hard. His top left side of teeth went through his bottom lip. Blood was everywhere and I was really afraid he was going to need some teeth out. They didn't seem like they were going to stop bleeding and his bottom lip got HUGE. We did the best we could with what we had and after a while he seemed better.

I finally called, since they don't seem to know how to use a phone to contact me, we got the directions, which were wrong street names by the way and took extra time to actually find, and we went to the new cabin. NOT a cabin, a freaking new duplex with beds about ten feet off the ground with the boxsprings and pillowtops. I was scared they'd fall out. Flat screen TVs in each bedroom and living room. Stainless appliances. It was nice, don't get me wrong, but like I said I could've stayed home for that, that's not what we came here for.

Anyway, we're not even "moved in" when the phone rings and it's "them." They say that they're sorry but didn't realize that this "cabin" (which of course they've told me there's nothing else) is being rented in two days so we will have to move again at that time. Are you kidding me! But, they are now going to refund us 50% of our trip. Well that's good I guess. But, do you have any idea what it's like to pack, unpack, etc for an adult and three kids??? Plus I brought tons of refrigerated food so we didn't spend excess money. Ahh... life.

The next day we went and hiked up 1.3 miles to a waterfall. I had researched beforehand and found one that was paved for strollers. It was quite a walk anyway with Braeden "helping" push (or is that pull?) the stroller, but well worth it. It was very neat, but a little scary with Olivia and Braeden as we were basically in the middle on a rock formation. I was scared of them falling off...

Can you see the lip? :) He was much better and his mouth looks great now, though I'm still gonig to have a dentist check it out.

The hike down was much easier since it was downhill. Braeden hopped on the back of the stroller and away we went! :)

The day we had to again pack up and move you wouldn't believe. We were supposed to go to their office to "check out" and get the map for the new cabin in the morning, but then could wait until the other cabin had been cleaned to go there. We packed quickly and headed for the new cabin. Are you kidding??? I was a little scared driving to our first cabin because it was in the mountains and the roads were a bit steep. That seemed like baby hills compared to what we drove this time. I wanted to cry. I couldn't believe how steep these hills were. We finally got there and found a steep drive to park at the top and then a huge set of stairs that had to be climbed to get up to the cabin set up for a couple. It had a kind of loft with a bed, all open to below. A tub basically out in the open, and a tiny living room, table, and kitchen. That's it. I called. There was no way I was hiking three kids and all our stuff up to this cabin where I and three kids were going to basically share a room. No way. I said is there nothing available? They put me on hold and finally came back to say that no, nothing else was available but that they had just gotten the call that our original cabin had water now. Oh. My. Gosh. On the way to this cabin I had also realized that in the midst of packing yet again, I had forgotten the pack and play at the second cabin. They said no problem, just go back and get it on your way to the old/new cabin.

We went back and the cleaning people had already been there. I didn't see the pack and play. I called from there and was told that they would contact the housekeeping people and have them bring it to the office. Which would mean another trip back later. Our original cabin was about 25 min out of town. Fun with three kids. I made Little One a "bed" of blankets on the floor for a nap once we arrived back at our beloved original cabin.

We got the call that the pack and play was there and we could pick it up. We made the trek back to get it and did dinner and went to a park since we traveled all that way. Upon arriving back at the cabin, and removing the pack and play, I noticed two things. One, they didn't know what they were doing and my pack and play which took no time to set up and take down now took over a half hour to get to go up. Two, the bottom was not there! The bottom part that folds in four sections and lays for the "floor." Gone. I called. They would get in touch with someone and see what they could do.

Next day, went to the office myself (since no one bothered to call me.) As I walked in under the big neon lit VACANCY sign (remember, they have nothing.), I knew I didn't like these people much. The people there knew nothing of my pack and play so I went over it again. She called the people now staying there and they hadn't seen anything but someone was getting ready in there right now. She would call later. I did not hear from her again.

The next day we went into Gatlinburg. It was so much fun. We went to Ripley's Aquarium which was awesome! The kids got to touch horseshoe crabs and Braeden touched a stingray (Olivia was a little scared!). It was well worth the money! We then rode up a huge mountain in a tram which was amazing (kids under 11 are FREE!!!). At the top they have rides and much more. We didn't go to do that stuff so I talked to them about it, but it was still hard for them to walk past. Braeden and I then got ice cream at Ben and Jerry's! Love it! Olivia does NOT like ice cream! :) We went to a candy store for her and watched them make taffy. She had three pieces of it and a small bag of gummy bears. A very fun day!

I called the office again our last morning. "Oh, sorry, we didn't see anything in the cabin." Thanks for calling. How would someone just throw away that piece of equipment and not the rest? Where did it go? I was so not happy. It was left at two supervisors would go there themselves after these people checked out and look for it. If found, they would send it no charge, if not, they're not responsible for anything left in the cabins. Do you understand I had to pack and repack three children and myself because of your mistakes/water/whatever??? I didn't touch the pack and play, your house cleaners did and part is missing. How is that my fault? I didn't hear from them so I'm guessing they didn't find it. I now have two weeks to buy a new one before my parents come and we all head up to our family reunion for a weekend. So not happy.

On the way out of town I stopped at WalMart to exchange Little One's DVD. STarted our trip home and put it in, it didn't work EITHER! Finally in IN, the next Wal Mart we saw, we returned it, got a refund, and bought a different title. Wouldn't you know, he didn't like this one as much as the other two! :) This trip went well too, with one exception. For TWO HOURS, Little One played his really not much fun game. He would cry and cry, red and splotchy, barely breathing practically, I would give him his blanket, he would giggle, hide his face from the sun with it, etc, then THROW it on the floor and cry like he was dying, all over again. FOR TWO HOURS!!!! Not kidding. I called my mom in the middle and explained the lovely background and she couldn't believe his crying, and then how it magically stopped when I gave him his blanket. Not easy while driving either. :) But we made it and they did ok. :)

BUT, like I said, all that (JUNK) aside, we had a great vacation!!! In fact, Little One even started walking!!! I have a video I will try to upload and put on here. I don't think you can really see his face. :) I'm glad to be back, but the kids do miss it. Braeden kept asking on the way home, Are we sleeping in our mountains tonight? :)


Julie said...

Man oh Man- sounds like a wonderful vacation aside from the bumps! I hope to do that someday- I LOVE the mountains!!! When I was on YL staff- I went at least 2 times a year- now- don't seem them much- :( I miss it. That little one walking is GREATNESS! cutie! Your making great memories!!

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