Friday, July 24, 2015

Day Four... the Final Day in Haiti

Day four was quite a whirlwind and is pretty much a blur at this time.  (Of which I'm glad - at the time it was one of the longest days ever.)

We were picked up nice and early by our driver who took us to the hospital not far away.  I was still doing pretty well, working on breathing and not feeling queasy, and Olivia was still feeling really bad.  Very upset stomach, etc.

The hospital was quite an experience.  It's nice, don't get me wrong, but as nice as it is it's still in the middle of Haiti.  A/C is not there, the building just is not what we know of in the US, and not much English was spoken so communicating with the doctor was interesting.  At first they had put Macy on the table which she was NOT happy about.  Finally I got them to understand it was Olivia to be looked at and not Macy.  

This is the room where Olivia was seen.  Their ER I'm assuming.  It was as wide as you can see from behind the camera to behind Olivia and then ran lengthwise one more patient to the left of Olivia and room for a third to the right.  They were separated by curtains.  They took her temperature with a simple thermometer like you or I might have at home, under her arm.  It was air conditioned in this room thank goodness, because out in the waiting area I was beginning to feel pretty bad again with the heat.

After the doctor examined her they wrote on a piece of paper a list of four different medicines which I had to walk to the pharmacy to get.  It was out through the waiting area and was a little room with a locked door and one doctor/pharmacist inside.  She took my paper and went to gather the medicines and some pedialyte.  She let me know how much money it would be and as I went to take money out, the receptionist told her we were here under Gladys' care and that we were not to pay.  I was shocked.  Such a blessing!

I took all the medicine to the room with Olivia and the doctor went over them.  She was given two immediately but the other two we had to wait until she had eaten.

We were cleared to go (again no payment of any kind) and went out to try to find our driver.  We waited outside quite a while but saw no sign of him.  We were sitting down and in the heat I again began feeling rough.  Olivia and I were both taking deliberate breaths and trying to keep our stomachs calm.

Finally we went back inside the hospital and the guard (there are armed guards everywhere) helped us call our driver who came a bit later.  He then called Gladys who said she was on her way and we should wait.  Waiting inside was almost worse than outside with no kind of breeze.  I went to the restroom a couple times and was almost trying to make myself sick.  It was not fun.

Gladys finally arrived and decided to send us to their guest house with the house manager so we could re-coop a bit before going to sit in the airport since we still had some time.  The house manager was SUCH an amazing angel of God.  He stopped on the way to get crackers and Sprite for us, made up two bedrooms, set up fans, got us water, and was just so accommodating.  Olivia laid down for the hour or so we were there, sipped Sprite, and ate a couple of crackers.  It was during this time I also began getting worried about the medicine Olivia was given.  Mostly because I hadn't given them the names of her current daily meds to make sure they didn't interact with what was given.  I'm not sure they would have understood anyway, but it worried me.  I decided not to give her any more.

Macy was doing so well during all of this.  She was a true trooper and was going along for the ride.  She got to try her first Sprite too!  Quite the face, but she loved it!

 Our driver was due to arrive in a few minutes so we gathered our things and went to wait at the front of the house.  Right before we walked out there, the house manager prayed over Olivia.  He is just the sweetest.  He shared about his two children and you could tell what a great father he must be.

While waiting Olivia began to get very nauseous.  She ran to the bathroom and was pretty sick.  I was helping her and thought I heard our driver honk.  I went to check and when I returned there was the house manager, holding Olivia, putting water on the back of her neck, and helping with absolutely no hesitation.  As I said, simply amazing. 

Olivia felt much better after that.  Our driver arrived and we made our way to the airport.  That was a hard ride with all the bumps, twists, and turns.  We were both doing some very careful and deep breathing.  But even with all that, we made it.  We made it through the multiple security checkpoints.  And we were finally sitting at our gate.  My focus all day was "Get to Miami..." and we were so close.

After getting some fruit and trying to eat a little something, an American woman sat down across from us.  She had a necklace with an outline of Haiti and I mentioned how I liked it.  We got to talking.  She shared how she was with a group that had been ministering in different ways in country and I shared about our homecoming trip.  I also talked about (though I wasn't sure WHY) Olivia being sick.  And then I knew why God had urged me to share that... because she was the NURSE on the trip.  And she just HAPPENED to have nausea medicine!  So Olivia took that which we are pretty sure helped the rest of the way to Miami.  My biggest fear had been if she was sick around airline personnel that they may not allow us to fly.  God just kept showing up.

He's pretty amazing like that.

Olivia slept the whole flight to Miami and before we knew it... we landed and a new American citizen had arrived!

 Our time through immigration was no big deal and Olivia made it by sitting whenever she could.  I had felt better since being in A/C at the airport in Haiti.  We checked in to our hotel room in the airport, got some drinks, turned the tv on and Olivia and Macy went to bed.  I went not long after and it was a good night's rest.

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