Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Bad, Bad Blogger

I know... I owe you a huge apology!  I promise I will update soon.  I think it's because in a way I have so much to say and not sure where to begin and in a way with some updates I don't want to "Ginx" things.

Here's our week this week...

Tuesday: After school Pediatrician appt for Liam to begin to look at ADD and whether or not to start down the path of medically trying to help his focus in school.  In the classroom amidst the noise and students his learning presents as "he can't do it" (counting, one to one correspondence, letter tracing, etc) BUT if an assistant takes him to the library or somewhere with no other people, sounds, etc and has him do the exact same assignment, he can do it and usually perfectly.  I am so NOT a proponent of medicating children, but as a teacher I've seen students where it makes a night and day difference in their learning.  So... we'll see.  I need to talk with his neurologist as well and find out what would conflict or work well with the meds he's already on and do some labs and we'll go from there.

Wednesday: Morning Dr appt with Liam's ENT.  A 6 month check up following his tubes.  Ears are looking good so we scheduled a 1 year follow up in June.

Thursday:  Christmas program at Braeden's school in the afternoon.  I am 99% sure he won't perform in it, but at least I'll be there for him and will get to see him in his environment.  I just wish it had been a different week since I already had two half days this week. :(
And then after school...
Vision appts for both Liam and Olivia.  Olivia got glasses this summer, BUT she had to go twice to the eye doctor before they gave her a script as she was hard to test.  Because of that, they wanted her in glasses for a bit and then asked that she return to be tested again with the glasses.  Liam failed his eye exam which was perfect timing because his resource teacher and myself had both been wondering if he was having some vision issues which were playing into his learning deficits.  He can write/trace letters and numbers that are "straight" lined, but anything with curves is a no go.  So we'll see how that plays out tomorrow.

Friday: Neurology appts in the afternoon for both Liam and Olivia.  Olivia was weaned off of her seizure medications this past summer and has done great, no issues whatsoever.  I wasn't too worried since she hadn't had one seizure since beginning meds more than four years prior, but there's always that doubt.  So I think this will most likely be a final appt for her.  At our last appt this summer they had talked about starting to wean Liam off of his meds if he didn't have any more seizures/issues between then and now.  BUT when they weaned Olivia they first did one final EEG and they haven't scheduled one for Liam, plus he has had multiple issues over the years with his seizures, the last of which was two summers ago when they got really bad before adding his second med.  SO... if they suggest weaning again I'm going to be VERY worried.  Seizures are NO FUN. :(

(I'll be glad when this week is over... and I will watch much more carefully in the future and not allow so much to happen all at once!)

Last weekend...

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