Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Semester Down... Where We're At...

Some of you may be wondering what has happened with Braeden this school year. (Or maybe not!) :)

We had a VERY rough year last year... trying to find the "right" med to help his ADHD and yet keep the kind, crazy, loving, book hungry boy we knew, well, it was a nightmare basically.

Summer went very well, we got a new doctor, and things were looking up. But I was very worried still about school.

So at the beginning of this school year I created the Mondo Behavior Plan at home.

And we're now halfway through the school year, so I thought I'd shoot out an update.

Things are going well. Extremely well. So well that I hate to even post this for fear I'm going to eat my words. :)

We had a few really ROUGH weeks somewhat toward the beginning. BUT, those weeks, as I look back now, were the EXACT weeks that I was under some EXTREME stress and worry and was basically in crisis mode. As much as I worked on NOT letting the kids know there was anything going on, I am SURE Braeden picked up on the stress. He had to have. There is no other explanation. Because once that stress began to dissipate... his stickers started appearing on our chart once again. Amazing. (insert sarcasm). :)

Our mudroom is a great place to be. Awesome to look at how well things are going.

I took these pics last week and should have probably waited because I had forgotten to erase the puzzle piece portion and he has added three more stickers to his chart.

He's been weaned off almost all of the incentives. He completed two puzzles and we stopped doing those. We've stopped choosing a card after getting five stickers. I've also stopped giving him the money, although I haven't actually erased that yet and he doesn't realize it. Hopefully I can wean that without it being a big deal. The one he does NOT let me forget is spending the night in mom's room if he gets a blue! In fact he's there as I type. He LOVES that incentive which just cracks me up! FREE! I love it! Things really are going so very well!


Jeanie said...

So glad to hear of your sweetie's superb progress. I hope it keeps up. Go Braeden!

Barb said...

Glad things are going better. Always enjoy the updates and great pictures!

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