Friday, September 02, 2011


After the rough start to Braeden's second week of school, the rest of the week has evened out in many ways and we are slowly muddling through.

Wednesday he came home on a blue card. I praised him up and down, he received his "rewards" based on our written home plan, and he got to sleep in mom's room (a BIG reward to my kiddos!). :)

Thursday we had a student team meeting. At that time I found out that Braeden should have been on ORANGE Wednesday, but his teacher was busy and didn't tell him to change his card. (His class colors are: all start the day on Blue, then go to green, then yellow, then orange, then red.) When we discussed everything, I shared that I felt like Braeden had unfortunately learned some rough behaviors through all that he/we went through last year. I said that tip toeing around him, not wanting him to explode, wasn't helping and was actually creating more issues. I basically said that even though it would potentially mean HE** for a week or two, that he needed to be held accountable. He needed card changes just like anyone else. He's too smart for a teacher to overlook things, but at the same time I wasn't saying card change him for his activity that is a part of the ADHD, and that I could tell the difference and I thought that they could too. (Braeden has the same teacher he did last year as his school has some "looping" first/second grade classes and his happens to be one of them.) They agreed.

Right now there is a great plan in place. I am VERY hopeful, in a realistic way. He's such a smart smart kid and is watching like a hawk how others are reacting to his behavior, and he's still doing great at home, with "typical" behaviors thrown in the mix. He's been on yellow the last two days. I'll take it! He still earns a sticker and puzzle piece. He does not earn money, but does not have to pay me either. It's very much a typical place to be, and he's ok with it. He's not proud, but he's not angry about it either. IF we have escalations in behavior at school, a plan is in place to get him calmed, regulated, and back to class as quickly as possible. Obviously if restraint is required I would be called to pick him up, but otherwise, the goal is calm down and back to class. And, if it happens that he returns to the office a second time in a day (without needing restraint physically) they want to keep him after school a half an hour. THAT could be interesting! He loves riding the bus from his school to mine at the end of the day. One of his best friends is on with him and he doesn't see him much outside of that bus ride. He also loves that routine part of his day and the fact that no matter what has happened during the day, no matter his card color, he still gets a look of surprise and thrill on his face to see me, runs hell bent to me, and jumps, grinning, into my arms for a bear hug. Every. Single. Day. For over two years now. To keep him after would most likely make quite an impression. I have to say I'm very curious to know how that would go over! :)

All in all, I'm hopeful. I'm praying we're on the right track. And I'm looking forward to our time to come.

...And next week I've been asked to come in to talk to Liam's teacher... hmmmm........

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