Sunday, August 07, 2011

Soccer Moms

Yep, I've become one of "those" for our second summer now! :)

Two summers ago we tried soccer for the first time. Olivia was a natural and LOVED it. Braeden was a five year old who ran after the ball and day dreamed as parachuters flew by overhead. It was fun!

Last summer our FL vacation cut into soccer season by a month so we were out of luck, but this summer we've picked it up again, this time with THREE players... or so we thought.

Braeden made it through one and a half practices. Period.

When they were doing things in practice he enjoyed, he was all over it...

But when they were doing more "practice" than "fun"... well, let's just say it was a different story...

A "fun" Sharks and Minnows game... sure!...

Team talks... not so much...

Needless to say it was not JUST him laying around at times, he had some angry times too, times when he wasn't up to par in HIS OWN MIND. He gets SO very angry. And I finally talked with him. I explained soccer was work, but it was also fun, and he had CHOSEN to be a part of it, so he could CHOOSE not to just as easily. But it wasn't worth the anger and frustration. And he made a good choice, and he decided to quit. Some parents may not agree. Some parents may think that once a child has started something, made a commitment, etc, that it needs to be carried through. That they can't just "quit." But I know Braeden and for him, I think that this was a strong decision. And he's not just "getting away" with quitting. He is repaying me for signing him up with his allowance, and he knew that before making the decision. And money means a lot to him right now. So ... I'm proud of his decision! Do I wish I could see him follow through on something like this and be successful, YES! BUT, I know what this decision was to him and for that I'm proud!

Olivia and Liam are still playing though, and yesterday was their first day of games.

Olivia's team is a strong contender this season I think.

They did amazing and won fairly easily.

I say watch out for Team Dair.y Queen! :)

And Liam... well Liam's five... and five year olds are just a different breed of soccer player anyway. :) But Liam is fairly clueless about the whole thing and it just cracks me up!

His buddy "A" was on the OPPOSING team and Liam was showing him how to throw in the ball! It was SO CUTE!

There were a few times in the game that he really went after the ball and got "into" the game.

But for the most part... not so much... yet.

"Hey, yes I know you're playing a game OVER THERE. But I'm OVER HERE talking to my mom on the sidelines!"

And I'm also proud at the spectator Braeden has become! He was cheering on both his brother and sister. He stayed by me unless asking to go somewhere else. He sat and entertained himself without complaining... I think my little one is starting to grow up a bit! :)

Welcome Soccer Season!


rosedel said...

Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. I've read most of the old posts and have had fun reading them.
Any news about the newest adoption? Do you start school soon?

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