Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Scare

Man, kids can sure scare you sometimes can't they!? :)

This afternoon, the afternoon that I had about a million things to do including getting work done for school this week.... yep that would be the one... Braeden, Liam and I were on the couch. Boys were watching a movie and I was beginning to get ready to work on some IEPs for my annual reviews which are Tuesday. (We found out just before break the dates of our annuals... I had a work day on the Thursday before but with coordinating with two other teachers and people talking to me off and on, I only got TWO finished! Course I had great ideas of working on them earlier in the week but Olivia's room and such won out!) The boys were believing they needed more room and were close to one another, Braeden nudged Liam and he fell backwards, landing on the floor. We have hardwood with a thin rug on top, so it was a crack when he fell. At first I thought he was kidding, laying there the way he was, eyes open, not moving a muscle. But then I called his name, and no silly grin came to say "I'm kidding." He was twitching his legs and arms a bit but not responding at all. I had Braeden get my phone and called 911 right away. I thought it COULD be a seizure as that's how his usually play out, but without the twitching. It was VERY scary!

He still was not responding but I could see he was breathing ok. He closed his eyes as I was talking to the operator. The ambulance and others came fairly quickly and of course as soon as they walked in the door he blinked and began coming to. They tried to get him to respond but he still wasn't. They couldn't get a neck brace on him or strap him successfully to the board as he kept twisting and was having none of it. They finally asked if they could just carry him out and since he would have already done more damage if there was any to be done from twisting I agreed.

The kids and I got things together (we're pros by now and each grabbed something to do and their coats and shoes as I got Liam's coat and some snacks) and left to meet them at the hospital. By the time we got there he was coming out of it but still groggy and so tired. They think the fall triggered a seizure, and he is SO tired after a seizure! They had to run a line and take blood to test his levels, which all turned out fine, but he wasn't happy about it, poor buddy. But he thought it pretty hilarious when I said they wanted him to pee in a cup, a new experience for him! He grinned and said, "Eewww" but then wanted to go do it. So funny! But that test came back fine too. And after a nap...

... he was giggling and back to himself! :) (The ambulance workers gave him this cute bear!)

So glad it all turned out ok, but such a scare in the meantime! And because mom was exhausted and didn't want to cook, and because they all did so well at the hospital, I took them out to dinner and to see the new Diary of a Wim*py Kid movie, then they hit the hay and I began work on my IEPs, which I'm pleased to say are just about complete! All in all, a VERY hectic last day of Spring Break!


:)De said...

Kids..... always have to add some excitement to the mix, huh? LOL! Glad he is okay.


Diane said...

So glad he is doing well and that you all ended up having a nice day after all.

Holly said...

I have to tell you are an amazing Mom. No, really..I totally mean it!
I could take lessons from you!!

Kathy C. said...

He is adorable. I'm glad he's fine.

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