Saturday, December 04, 2010

First Snow

Last night when we went to bed, our world didn't look like this...

Oh how I wish I had caught Liam's expression on camera when he woke to see it! :) Priceless!

Last night Braeden had a friend spend the night. We've had a couple others spend the night before, but this was his friend's first time at someone's house besides family. Around 9 as they were getting ready to sleep (finally!), his friend decided he missed mom and wanted to go home. Luckily he only lives across the street so I walked him home. Not so fun was the aftermath for Braeden. He had really been looking forward to this and just didn't understand his friend being sad and missing his family. Set Braeden off for a bit, but I was able to get him calmed down, we cuddled on the couch and watched a short show on hulu, then he crashed on the living room floor in a made up "bed".

The snow outside today was definitely a bonus. We had plans to go see The Pol*ar Expre*ss free at our local vintage big screen this morning. As we were getting into the car, Braeden's friend came out and I asked if he still wanted to go with us. He ran across to ask his mom, and along he came, Braeden was so excited! :)

The movie was awesome, so good on the big screen! I was afraid it wouldn't hold much interest since we have it on DVD, but it was great! I saw things I didn't remember. A friend of mine met us there too so we had a large crew! The group putting on the show for free was also giving away lots of gifts. Some were given out prior to the show, small gifts, but we didn't win any. Afterwards they were giving out some bigger items such as a bike. And... we won a digital camera! Wow! Olivia had gotten one for her birthday and Braeden has been wanting one, so he's thrilled beyond belief now! :)

Following the movie, we dropped off Braeden's friend and then dropped Braeden off for a birthday party. One busy day! Olivia, Liam and I walked the mall a bit and then went back to pick him up. After we got home, it was time to play outside... While mom put everything away and spent five minutes alone taking some pics from inside the nice warm house! :)

See my nice shovel that is bent so you don't hurt your back? yep, not so much anymore. Now it's broken and in the trash thanks to Braeden's "mad sledding skills"... hmmm... maybe letting him use the shovel not such a good idea!? :) Oh well...


maureen said...

What a fun day! I have never seen the Polar Express on the big screen, I think it would be incredible!

We too have had some of the same experiences with friends spending...or not spending the night. My girls find it hard to understand because they just love to spend the night at other people's homes! I wonder what that says about me? LOL!


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