Thursday, December 02, 2010

First of The Three

Liam finished his sibling gifts this week. He and I began them this past weekend and got most of it finished and I trimmed them up the last couple days. The kids are making homemade gifts for each other this year and are so very excited about it!

For Liam I tried to find something that would be fairly easy for him to do the majority of the gift. I wanted him to really be a part of making them and loved this idea when I saw it.

A few months back I happened upon clearance chipboard letters, rather large, and they had letters for each of the kids (including our newest treasure, as yet to be found and brought home!). I picked them up - they were less than $1 each - and held onto them. I had seen something similar hanging on the walls in a great looking children's room picture online and thought that that would something fairly easy for Liam to work on.

I then went to a great local scrapbook store and bought three "girl" papers that would coordinate with the girls' room, and three "boy" papers to coordinate with their room. Theirs was definitely the hardest as there just wasn't much to choose from. I had a "rock" theme in mind with guitars or something and wanted pretty basic deep reds and blues, but couldn't find anything like that, even just in that color scheme.

Each paper was less than $.60 each. So the grand total was under $6.40. For FOUR gifts!!! (And yes, we DO have a name chosen for our new little, and will also include her already given name as well, BUT we're holding off on "announcing" the name until we have a referral - hope you understand!)

So, we began our project with...

Then we got to work... the FUN part!

Liam began by tearing the paper into pieces. Let me tell you, he LOVED the opportunity to tear up paper! :)

Then we laid out one of the letters and I put the girl only papers where he could reach them. He would choose a piece, I handled the glueing to begin with, and then I would give him a general idea of where to lay it down on the letter.

Liam got to do some of the gluing as well and loved that too! :)

We used Mod*ge Pod*ge we had already for the glue and it worked wonderfully!

When we were done, each piece looked something like this, rough edges and all...

I then went through and trimmed the edges. The straight edges were a piece of cake and I just used sharp sewing scissors. The curves were NOT my friend! I think if I had had a new exacto and blade it may have been just fine, but I didn't and of course once I began I couldn't wait a day or two to get an exacto! :) But they still turned out pretty good I think!

I can't wait to see the kids' new wall hangings hanging up in their rooms! And I really can't wait to see the look on Liam's face as he gives these precious gifts to his brother and sister! He is so proud of them and keeps trying to tell them what he made! :) I am constantly guarding against him letting his own cat out of the bag!


Sara said...

Wow! I love that! So funny because today I came across white wooden letters for the boys' names...I'd bought they a couple years ago and never did anything with them! I have lots of scrapbooking paper & modge podge! Maybe I will do this with the girls to make for the boys! So what is your daughter making for her brothers??? I need more ideas. :)

Laurie said...

I love them! Great Idea. I've been seeing these letters at the crafts stores here. Thinking I may "steale" your idea =0) you are solo crafty.

maureen said...

You are so clever! I was reading and following along, thinking, "Okay, this is fine for a little kid to make." And then I got to your last picture and thought, "Holy cow! These are awesome and I want them too!"

What a creative Mom you are!

Those turned out amazing!! Over the weekend i was thinking of doing something like that for our (soon-to-be) kiddo's room. I'd love to spell his name out above the crib (or bed depending on age!). Now I'm definately going to do this!

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