Sunday, November 09, 2008

Something New

I found some great deals Friday when Olivia and I went to the thrift store! I have used these often to supply the majority of the kids' wardrobes, and sometimes my own! It's become a great way to get name brand clothes which I have found tend to last longer and I like the look of them, at a great price. I've even found brand new items with the tags still on!

So, I thought I'd do something a little different, after becoming inspired from some other blogs.

Welcome to my first ever giveaway!!!

It will work like this: I will show you pictures and describe what I bought, you make a guess as to how much I spent on the things I purchased, and the closest estimate will result in a $5 Starbucks card!!! Sound good??? :) Let's get started...

First was three movies. Two National Geographic animal videos for my class. And one Higgly Town Heroes movie for home.

Next, pajamas for each of the kids! A satiny set for Olivia with reindeer and little Christmas trees. Footy pjs for Braeden with polar bears in size 4/5. And an adorable set from Carter's for Liam in size 2T that are striped in blue and are the lowest pile fleece I've ever seen - so soft!!

Next, a Columbia 2T winter coat for Liam and a pair of black Old Navy snowpants also 2T.

A great size 9 (for in a couple years) Gymboree dress for Olivia and size 9 Gymboree cropped knit pants.

Then, a pair of size 5 brown Gymboree pants for Braeden. A like new Gap 2T spring jacket in a patchwork plaid (love it!) for Liam. And a Gymboree baby blanket with a horse on one side and horseshoes on the other (for that next little boy placement!).

Next, a solid pair of black pants size 6x and a red shirt by Children's Place, size 10, which Olivia needs for her Christmas program.

A like new pair of Champion shoes in a size 8 for when Liam gets just a little bigger.

And finally three things that I don't need, but that I will be taking to my local consignment store and/or listing on eBay. A 2t adorable denim jacket by Old Navy. A size 3 Gymboree holiday dress. And a pair of 0-3 months Gymboree overalls.
All so cute!!! And in great condition!
Ok, so now it's your turn! How much, tax included and remember this is Chicago!, did I pay for the lot??? You will have until 11:59pm (central time) on Tuesday November 11 to leave a message on this post with your guess! The winner will be announced on Wednesday evening. You're shooting for a $5 Starbucks gift card. Could be for yourself, could be a Christmas gift!? :) Good luck!



Just a random guess from a lurker to get you started.

Sarah Abrahams

Jennifer said...

GRRRRR. I needed those overalls for Mack when he was that age. I have the long sleeve shirt and matching socks but could never find the overalls. I got them new off Ebay but the pants that were sent with them weren't from the same collection. Too funny!

Mom said...

Another devoted reader and I guess $41.99. Yes, completely random. By the way, I think that Higgly Town Heroes Video was one I got as a freebie from Disney when I was teaching. :-) We still have it, it is too cute.

Emily said...

I would guess 13.50 :)

jendabi said...

I guess 43.00. Shoes and jackets are more expensive. I guess everything else around $2 each. I am another Thrift Store maniac. I love all the Gymboree, Gap, Children's Place, and Old Navy I find for $1.99!!!
You got some great buys!

Jennifer said...

I feel like I am on the price is right...$48.50.

Shea said...

$13.72. You found some great deals!!!! I too have been in very risky places to find good deals! I am a bargain queen.

michelle said...

Hmmm...I would say around 17.80

Sara said...


:) By the way, totally cute stuff. Makes me want to go raid a thrift store!


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