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I have no news. Still nothing in the investigation of Girlie's last placement. I had called her cw, who is new, yesterday and left a msg that I needed her medical info asap for day care as she is starting Friday. Last Friday she had said she would get this for me. Nice to find out from her voice mail that she is gone today through the 16th and I haven't even heard from her. So I had to call the supervisor to get it from him. Not my job people!

While on the phone with him, he said they were arranging a visit with mom (duh) and with her last foster placement!!! ???? What! Are you kidding! This person is not her parent and they are under investigation for possibly being the one to have put all the marks on my little girl. Why on earth would you give them a visit??? I asked. He really seems to believe it was done at day care. He said that the investigation was not finished, that they were also investigating the day care where it most likely happened, and that she needed to keep this bond because if the claim is undocumented she will go back there. (This said as if I was trying to keep her from her family or something.) I was flabbergasted.

I said that the cw had told me that she and the investigator talked and that they believed it was too much to have happened at day care, and that the investigator thinks it's been happening for a while. He said that that was info he didn't have. And the bond? Is it just going to go away in a week or two until the investigation is over??? Come on!

I could tell him a lot about the environment she comes from, just by having lived with her for the past 6 days. I could tell him that she has seen/experienced a lot of aggression. She hears quite a bit of yelling. She only knows no and not yes, as everything I ask she answers in no, but many times she means yes. (Hard to explain.) I could tell him about the diet she's been consuming. She acts like I'm killing her, literally, when I ask her to try a bite of cheese, or ham, or egg. She thought the bottled water I bought at the zoo was pop and asked repeatedly for it instead of the cup of water she had. She thought that the bag from the drive through, which had a ham n cheese sandwich on wheat and a fruit cup, held french fries and was devastated when I told her there weren't any. I could tell him how the first day or two she didn't even understand joking, smiling, but is now starting to hug and say I Love You because she sees us do it with each other and her. She just now understands what I mean when I ask for a kiss and hug. I had to show her, teach her how to hug. But he doesn't want to hear about any of that. I'm just the foster parent.

I truly, in my heart of hearts, believe that this child should not return to her aunt, and probably to her bio mom though I still don't know much about her. I pine for her to have a childhood with laughter and joy. I want to buy her a Halloween costume and let her trick or treat with the kids. I want to buy her Christmas presents and have my mom make one more stocking to hang up. I want to give her a semblance of what she has most likely missed. I may only have a week or so left. :(

Believe me, I've sent others home. I've missed them sure and been sad to see them go. But not because I believed they shouldn't go home. I don't like the feeling with this one. I don't like sending her back to possible abuse. Please pray for God to guide the investigation so that if it is safe, she can go back, but that if it isn't, it is found out and found out clearly so that she will not go back. Thanks.

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