Thursday, August 02, 2007

And Girlie Makes Four

Yes, we have a new member of our family! A lovely little girl joined our family last night. The agency called me about 3:30 pm and asked if I could "do them a favor" and take her on an emergency basis. The supervisor said it would be short term. He said that she had come to the office for a visit, bio mom noticed some bruises, and they think it happened at day care but they were removing anyway to be on the safe side. She had been placed with her aunt, I think on June 13. I asked if they would consider calling my friend. She has one foster daughter whom she's had for over two years, and hasn't had another placement since. She has room for two more girls and would definately like to take one or two more. They agreed and I hung up and started calling her myself as well. I called her cell but could tell it was dead. I called and called her house. I had a feeling she was at another girl's from our school, but couldn't find the number in the phone book. I called another person from work to see if she had her phone tree for the number, but she wasn't home. I called her parents, they weren't home. Long story, still long but now shorter, neither of us got a hold of her and I said I would take her.

I talked with the kids about how she would be joining us for a little while. We talked about not overwhelming her and just letting her get used to things for a little while. Olivia was thrilled to be getting a "sister." She came to us at 6:15pm. The investigator hadn't even seen her yet, and they didn't take her to a doctor, or hospital. I was surprised. The investigator came to our home about 7:15. I had put the others to bed, but Braeden was feeling a little pressure I think as he got out of his room a few times, which he never does. The investigator had to take pics and I had to basically strip search her to find bruises and marks. I have never seen this side of foster care yet. Most of my children have come through neglect, other foster placements, or as in Braeden, right from the hospital at birth. I wanted to cry. The bruises, scratches, marks, they were not done in one morning at day care. We'll see what the investigation turns up, but I don't think this child will be going anywhere anytime soon.

That night, I saw some of what she must have gone through. She is quite aggressive with the other kids, and me. Hits, many times in the face, has no sense of sharing, doesn't smile hardly at all, says things like shut up, and screamed bloody murder when I, whom she had know less than an hour, just walked out of the room for a second. After the investigator was there, I put Braeden to bed and tried to get her to bed. We started with a bath and I could tell going in and seeing the tub she was not thrilled. I know tubs can be not so good to a lot of foster children, so I ran only 3 inches of water. She was ok except for getting water on her face and hair, she screamed! For bed, I had been told originally that she was 2 and had planned on putting her in the bottom bunk in Olivia's bed. Since she's not even 2, and is the same size as Little One, wearing size 12-18 mo clothes, I set up the pack n play in my room. I gave her a fuzzy new pink blanket and scrounged a small animal from Olivia for her to cuddle with. I told her the blanket was now hers, and she rubbed it on her face, it is so soft. She came with 3 yucky outfits, one pair of yucky pjs, one pair of shoes, and a huge stuffed Mickey they probably gave her at the office. I held her, and laid her down. She screamed and cried. I lay on the edge of the pack n play until she fell asleep. And then I had to wake her this morning at 8:20am! :)

She did great today. The agency finally took her to the Dr. who said they should have taken her last night. DUH! Oh well. We'll see. They think the investigation will end middle of next week. I'm not buying anything major until then, but did get a few things today. I dug out the clothes I had in that size last night, and my friend brought over TONS today. I bought a couple plain white Ts, denim shorts, denim jumper, and socks. I also got her a very cute stuffed bunny to have and hold and cuddle. They had HUGE markdowns and I got each of the kids something. Olivia got this really cool Polly Pocket that you launch and it kind of flys, used to be $15, and was now $3.74. And Little One got a cute stuffed dino for 74 CENTS! :) Braeden of course picked a horse, but it was on sale too! :) My friend J went with as always.

Tonight we went with my friend and another friend to our local water park. If you go at 4, it's only $3 to get in and kids 2 and under are free. They have a tube slide, 2 adult water slides, 2 children's slides, a lazy river, and a great pool, with two zero depth areas for kids. There is also a huge sand area, but we never go that route. :) The kids did great, except when I had to fill out a rescue form for Braeden who went too far and they thought he was drowning. That kid has no fear! So embarrassing!


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