Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Last Week Continued

A few things I forgot to add, and things which happened since. Last Tuesday after school was the adoption shower which the school added on for me along with a baby shower already planned. It was overwhelmingly generous and nicely done. I couldn't believe all the gifts. They collected money and gave us a red play wagon with a great hard back book with a Barnes gift card for $20, a popcorn bucket and bowls with popcorn and a Blockbuster gift card for $20, and a slip n slide and Target gift card for $20. Then many teachers, some whom I've had run ins with this year, gave us individual gifts. We got two hard back books, stuffed animal and Color Wonder set for Olivia from one, a hard back book and Monicals pizza gift card for $20 from another, another Target gift card for $20 from another, an Elmo outfit from another, a shorts and shirt outfit from another, a candle and Very Quiet Cricket game from another. Unreal! So surprising and great! I didn't just give it all to Braeden, Olivia wouldn't understand. Instead the wagon and books have become family items. He did get the stuffed dog, and the color wonder set has a Little Mermaid book and a Cars book, so I will give it to the both of them next week when we head to TN. The gift cards are more family items as well as the popcorn, etc. It's been great.

Saturday night, who knows what happened, but my kitchen sink/garbage disposal basically backed up into my bathroom sink. My tub is also not draining correctly and has a couple inches standing water. I called one place as soon as we got home from church, they took my info and said they'd call. I know it usually takes a while, but when 5:30 came and no call, I called them. He had no clue who I was and said "the office is crap, I can come tomorrow." I said I'm going out of town for Memorial day, he kept up with saying a lot of junk and I finally hung up and tried Roto Rooter. Should have called them first. They didn't know if they'd be able to get there still that night but would try. No dice.

Monday we went to Chicago and met up with Braeden's godmother and her son who is Little One's age. We traveled into the city with them and went to Lincoln Park Zoo for the day. It was wonderful. They did really well, what with all the people there. We lucked out and even found a street parking space which saved us some money. With the exception of an incident in the farm area, we had a great day! :)

Tuesday I went to school with the runs, and began feeling worse and worse through the day. I had called Roto R again this morning and they said they would try to come after school. Finally at 1:30 I asked "my aide" if she could possibly cover my ninth hour and the pizza party I was giving two classes after school who earned it, if I went home early. She said no problem. I went to our principal and said "I tried really hard to make it through the day but I didn't think I could last any longer." He jokingly called me a wimp and said another teacher may be going home for a similar reason and don't worry about it. Luckily I did go home because maybe 20 min later (This is really gross, you may want to skip it!) I was PROJECTILE vomiting!!! I have NEVER done that and it was HORRIBLE!!! I was able to lay down for a little while before picking up the kids. I picked them up and practically threw some food on plates for them as I couldn't even smell it! Yuck! (They went to bed a bit early! :) ) Needless to say, didn't hear from Roto Rooter, so still no use of sinks! Luckily our toilet is working!

Today I couldn't call Roto because I knew we wouldn't be home before 5:30, so I'll try tomorrow. Luckily I felt great today. I ate breakfast, and then was a bit worried as my stomach wasn't sure about it. I hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. But then I was ok. Today was the last day with kids at school. We have institute tomorrow and then one hour on Friday. Why an hour? It is so pointless. Even now I am practically twidling my thumbs. My room is packed and ready to move back to the 3rd - 5th grade building. I can't wait!

I'm pretty sure that I had food poisoning from the Turkey sandwich I had at the zoo for dinner. Little One ate a little of the turkey and at day care yesterday the said he was clingy and not himself. He probably had just a stomach ache while it hit me full force from eating the whole sandwich and not just a little bit like him. That's the only thing I can figure.

Also, just so you don't think I'm super mom or something (Julie!) I paint, etc when the kids go to bed. And my kids go to bed at 7 since we're up early for school! :) I just enjoy painting (sometimes) and when I get on a kick I tend to get a lot done in the 2-3 hours after they go to sleep!!! :) You would die if you saw my kitchen right now. What with not being able to wash dishes and having practically every dish dirty and out on the counter, a bunch of things to go into my room once it's finished, and lots to go in the basement which I haven't felt like moving, it's not a pretty sight! Plus my taken apart bed in the middle of the living room! :) Once I get someone to help me take apart and move her bunkbed to her new room I should be on the right track again!


Julie said...

Okay- 7:00pm bedtime is great! I think I would have to sleep then too- with your schedule- I trully think you have more energy than I - I am glad your feeling better- that is not fun! enjoy your last days of school!

Robin said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful shower, how sweet!

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