Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spring... Can't Get Here Soon Enough

We have spring fever. All of us. At school it's the kids, the teachers, everybody. Here at home it's the same. But yet, in the midst of all this nice weather we've been having, we had to break the winter coats back out of storage for the freezing weather today! There were even snowflakes at lunchtime! Crazy!

Tomorrow is our last day of school before break. We then have Good Friday and the whole next week off - I'm sooooo looking forward to it! The kids and I are heading to my good friend's, Braeden's godparents, on Friday for Easter weekend. They each have their own Easter baskets (great post holiday deal from Pottery Barn Kids two years ago!!!) which we set out for the Easter bunny to fill. We'll bring those with and I have some fun things to put inside. For Braeden and Olivia I got each a Furreal animal. They look so cute! They act "real" and have their own bottles. Another blog I read talks about the monkey and it sounds adorable. I got them a two pack with a tiger and panda I think, it was cheaper than individually and I will take them out and add in the batteries. I'm giving them my gifts tomorrow night. Then next week, I'm going to keep them at day care so that I can hopefully get a LIST of things accomplished (paint hall, take down border in kitchen, paint kitchen, clean out gutters, rake old leaves, clean out van, work on clothes storage bins, etc.) We have our two big trips this summer, and then summer together, so this is the time to get things done.

Yesterday we received an Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa with some of the cutest things, and then today got one from my aunt, uncle, and cousins. They were so excited. It's nice to know they're thought of like that!

Little One's mom has had some weird "issues" with visits lately. She has always been at every visit every week. Two weeks ago was our first beautiful day. He had a small runny nose, but nothing else. She visited for 15 min then said he "Shouldn't be out in this weather." and sent him back! Then last week she called in sick and cancelled the visit. Normally, I'd think, yes many are sick right now. But with what happened the week before, and having been through visits so many other times, I wondered. His CASA worker came to visit again and said bio mom had been sick. I just bit my tongue. She just doesn't understand unfortunately how a lot of bio parents are. So what happens today at what is supposed to be his next visit? She calls and cancels again because she's "sick." They did reschedule for tomorrow morning, so we'll see what happens. I'm wary though at what the real motivations are/could be.

Little One himself, however, is doing great! He is moving forward on his language skills, but he still doesn't have any sounds or "words" which hold meaning. He is working on mama though! :) He also now reaches up when he wants to be picked up or when you are leaning in to pick him up. Seems like nothing, something I think most people take for granted, but he had never done that before. He's also so very close to walking! He now moves easily from one item to another while standing.

Olivia is still sleep walking. I have been searching for some type of alarm to alert me in case I'm sleeping. That way I can steer her back to bed without incident, but am having a hard time. Most of what I found at first were kid door alarm kits they could make themselves. Someone then suggested to my mom to look at medical supply places. Most of what they have are on the door or bed and emit a loud beep or buzzer to alert you. That would be great, but would also wake the other kids! :) I found one I may have to invest in. It's pricey - around $150 if I remember correctly, but looks to be a wireless alarm that would alert just me. It didn't have an extensive description, so I need to find out more first. That's a lot of money, but if it's what we need to keep her safe, we'll do it. -- Speak of the devil, she just got up! I heard her through the boys' monitor come out of her room. I went up to the kitchen. She had taken a Dora book out of her bookshelf in her room and brought it in the kitchen. I didn't even ask. I just set it on the counter and sent her back to bed. Ahhh! :)

We did have a GREAT April Fool's on my dad though because of her sleep walking. He is horrible about trying to get my mom or I, so I thought we'd try it this time. I called and said Olivia needed to tell him about our night on Sat. She, after rehearsing trying to be serious, told Grandpa that she had fallen down the stairs and had to go to the hospital and get a cast. I was trying so hard not to laugh, he believed her and was speechless, then she yelled - APRIL FOOL'S! The kids were practically rolling on the floor. I had explained April Fools the night before and they thought it was hilarious. He then emailed Olivia and told her that Disney World burnt down and we wouldn't be able to go there. I relayed the message to her and her face was in the in between stage of believing and being upset and thinking "no way." She halfway smiled. Then I said that his letter said April Fools and she laughed and said he tried to get her because she got him. Too funny :)


Tamara said...

So did Little One's biomom show up for the rescheduled visit? The pattern you mention sounds bad. I know my Cookie makes me feel better - no matter how sick I am - so I can't imagine a birth parent cancelling a visit.

Elsa said...

Just found my way here clicking through fost-adopt blogs, and wanted to tell you you can get door alarms and motion detectors at radio shack. The keyed door alarm is horribly loud though -- it would wake the dead. The motion detector that we had could be set to chime at a more reasonable level.

Good Luck.

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