Tuesday, April 24, 2007

One Day Down

SO hard to leave those boys at day care this morning. Braeden just clung to me, so much newness about him he was very unsure. And Little One, broke my heart. We dropped him off before taking Braeden to his room. I hugged him and put him in the high chair so the worker could give him some cheerios. He was the first one in his room. He just stared at the worker and everything. After dropping Braeden off, Olivia and I headed back past Little One's room to the front door. He was just sitting in the chair. Staring. She was trying to put a Cheerio in his mouth and he held it shut. NOT like him. He actually doesn't even seem to have a stop mechanism in him when it comes to food, which I am going to be talking to his Dr about soon. It reminded me of him a couple months ago and I just prayed God help him to open up and enjoy the new toys and people.

When I picked them up we went to Braeden's room first. Through the door I could see him up on the step stool washing his hands and then going to the paper towel dispenser to dry them, just like he had always been there. His teacher said he did really well, and he had a "B" sticker on his cheek from taking a nap! Yay! We then got Little One who was strapped in the six kid stroller. They said he had a good day. I wanted to ask did he smile? Did he laugh? Did he imitate sounds? Did he practice walking? But I didn't. I don't know I wanted to hear the answers. I'll give him a few days to acclimate himself and see I'm still going to be there to pick him up every day. All the progress he's made, I just don't want this to push him into regression. He's come so far.

Had some very good news earlier in the day too. I called the eye doctor about Braeden and was able to get him an appointment for THIS Friday! Oh am I glad. Such a short time to wait!!!


Robin said...

Sounds like they both did good at daycare; I know it must be very hard.
As for your shower, I hear you, I hear you are hurt and I don't blame you for feeling that way at all.

Julie said...

That does hurt- I am glad they are finally doing it but it is late in the game.

Dropping off the first day is the worst! I am glad Braden gid well and hope Little One gets use to it- :(

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