Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I'm so tired of the cold!!! I long to go for walks, play at the park, be outside! Oh well.

Latest on moving... J and I are now looking into Tennessee. What a change, right? I found some great places in/around Fort Worth in Texas. It's just so far. So far from visiting where we live now and so far from my parents in FL. So, Tennessee? It's halfway between here and FL. A good day's drive, so not as many plane flights with the kids. I love the areas I've seen. I just know that as far as schools, there are a lot that are not so good. BUT, J went to college in TN and has a good friend who lives outside of Jackson. She is a teacher as well and gave us the name of a town that she says would be perfect, their schools are great and housing is still reasonable. So, we're looking into it. I know I wouldn't get paid nearly as much to teach there, but J's friend said that I would have NO problem getting a position in Special Ed. I had really hoped to move into regular ed, but I'm willing to get my feet in the door however I need. I'm researching as much as I can. I'll definately be checking things out this summer seeing as the kids and I already have our big trip to TN planned. Maybe a sign from God? The other thing that was "funny", well to me I guess, was that right after we began to talk about TN I popped a new movie in for the kids. I found five great Jack Hanna Zoo Life videos at the thrift store, like new, for 90 CENTS each!!! The kids LOVE animals so much! The location for the first part of the tape I happened to grab? The Great Smoky Mountains of TN! :)

As for the money situation with my agency... I have talked to both my licensing worker and our regional director. My licensing worker, who works about 40 min north of here in another office, is pretty much fed up with this office as well lately. She helped me as much as she could, without getting herself in trouble. The regional said she would try to help me get paid what I should have, but she didn't know. I'm tired of it. I told her that if it wasn't for Little One, I would most likely be switching agencies, but that I wouldn't do that to him since I couldn't "take him with me."

And on the job front here at home... There was a special ed position posted today within our district at the school I was previously at. I had been moved from there due to no need for three self contained teachers there three years ago. Not my choice to move and I'm very tired of the negativity at my current school. I was hoping to move back to that building (3rd - 5th grade) as a regular education teacher, but there is a possibility of no reg ed opening for next year. So, I submmitted an interest letter. They will interview me for the position and even if a reg ed position doesn't open, hopefully I'll at least get back to the building I want to be working in. My biggest concerns are that if I get the position I'll then be "stuck" in special ed and not "allowed" to move to reg ed. This has happened to a few in our district. The other is that once again I'm back with the same two other self contained teachers and I am low man on the totum with seniority and if they happen to only need two again at some point, I'm the one who will have to move. I will put my trust in God to help me obtain what He feels best. I just want to be out of my building most of all.

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