Thursday, March 01, 2007

Deep in the Heart...

...of Texas??? Maybe it's just because we are both having so many issues with so many of life's idiosyncracies at this time. Maybe it's because I have really thought about moving to try to give my kids a chance at living in a place where the cost of living isn't so high and I can give them more of what I want to be able to give. Maybe it's because I don't want to be at a Middle School anymore. Maybe I'm hoping "Mr. Right" is still out there "somewhere."

Whatever IT is, my friend J the other day asked me if I would consider moving to Texas. Funny thing is, I had actually thought about Texas almost a year ago. The more J and I talked, the more I researched things on the internet, the more excited I became about the prospect in a serious way. We're looking into the Fort Worth area. BUT, IF we are serious, we are still a way off from that time. Her daughter and my little one are still foster children. We can't leave the state and "keep" them with us until the point where their parental rights are terminated. They bath have court dates in July. So we weigh the pros and cons, and think through our decisions.

The Pros...

1. Even if the school districts there gave me no credit on their salary schedule for the seven-eight years I've taught here, a first year teacher in the 3 different school districts I looked at, makes more with just a bachelor's than I do right now. Here I'm on my seventh year with a bachelor's plus 36 hours.

2. The cost of housing is crazy low compared to here. I looked at many realtors with practically new 4-5 bedroom, 2-3 bathroom houses for about $10,000 more than my cute little house here. J and I are thinking, if we're serious about this, of sharing a house for a while to get settled and learn more about the area. Then we could sell and buy our own places. I've found a couple 4 bedrooms that have 2 masters plus 2 addtl bedrooms, a family room, huge yards, and they are very nice looking.

3. Foster care seems to be so big there. So many more placements, easier to get placements, and the monthly amount you receive is almost double what it is here.

4. With this frigid, crazy weather, I'm at a point I never thought I'd be. I'm ready to give up midwest winters!

5. The area we're looking in has soooo much to offer. Six Flags, a huge zoo, museums, etc. Love it! I've heard from people who have been there, and maybe others reading this can inform me even more, that Fort Worth/Dallas is similar to Chicago with activities, but without the big city "feel." ??? And my kids LOVE horses. I told them the other night that we were THINKING of moving to Texas. Olivia said, no let's stay. At dinner they were both talking about becoming a cowboy/cowgirl when they grew up. I must admit, I used it to my advantage. I told them that in Texas, there were lots of horses, cowboys, and cowgirls. I said that most people wear cowboy boots! :) LOL, they'll never know! :)

The Cons...

1. Braeden's brother and sister live near us.

2. Olivia's brother isn't far from us.

3. My extended family, whom I LOVE, live not far from us.

4. Braeden's godparents, my close close friend, live not far from us.

5. My friends I've met here and those I've had since I was young, live here or nearby.

People. I weigh missing people. BUT, I know that if this is for the best, then I will teach, I will have summers off, and we can visit during a week or two in the summer. We can see everyone at once and we can keep in touch through snail mail, email, and phone calls. I pray for direction. I pray for guidance for myself and my children.


Julie said...

Okay- I am in the Dallas area- :) If you have questions let me know- I am not as familiar with the Ft. Worth area- but I know people who are so I can hook you up with some there- we should talk about cps in that county. i have had a little experience with that and dallas and collin county are better than tarrant(ft. worth). I must admit- i am excited at the prospect of you coming this way! :)

Robin said...

Good luck with your decision, I know how hard it is. We moved first from Chicago to Colorado and then to baton Rouge. It is hard at first but i wouldn't have it any other way.

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