Friday, January 19, 2007

Night Time Fun

Well, we may be heading down a new road at our home. Tuesday night (Jan. 16) I was up in my bedroom (it's a converted half story/attic with open stairs down to the first floor) about an hour after the kids went to bed, when I heard crying. The funny thing was that it wasn't coming through the monitor from the boys room, I heard it from the stairwell. It was Olivia. I called her a few times and she finally came up to where I was working on the boys duel birthday invitations.

I asked her what was wrong, why was she crying? She has come to my room a few different times, even in the middle of the night a couple times due to a bad dream or some such thing. When Olivia is very tired and pretty much out of it and I ask her something, she just says something random that may "fit?" So I knew she was out of it when she said, "I was upset because I didn't get to go downstairs with you tonight." Meaning she was crying because we ended up staying upstairs instead of playing in the basement after dinner? This was not even something to be upset about. It wasn't like I had said they couldn't go down or anything.

Anyway, I then heard little feet downstairs! - Braeden does not know how to open his door as his sticks pretty well. I asked her (as if I didn't know - what was I thinking?) who it was. She said it's Braeden. I said, why is he up? She said he was crying. I said no he wasn't, I have a monitor here, how did he get out of his room? She didn't say anything but started crying again. I went downstairs and not only was his bedroom door open, but the light was on! Luckily Little One slept right through and Braeden went back to bed without a fight. Braeden is not able to reach his light, so I now knew she had been the one to open his door and turn his light on. I couldn't believe it! I tried questioning her as to why, to no avail. She had no real answer. I started thinking maybe she really didn't even understand what she had been doing. Possibly even sleep walking??? She has never done anything like this before.

Well, a little over an hour later I heard a door open downstairs. I was a little scared to say the least. I said Olivia's name three or four times, but no answer. My heart racing, I called a friend and told her to stay on the phone as I went down to check things out - OK, so she doesn't even know my address without looking it up, and she has a small daughter too, so what did I think she could do??? Nothing, but at least it was someone to listen for my screams of death. I went downstairs and Olivia was coming out of the kitchen. I asked her why she was out of bed and she said she was taking her medicine. Ummm, no, I don't think so, we did that before bed. Now I knew something was amiss. I sat her on the toliet, hugged her, and sent her to bed.

I then talked to a friend who has had experience with sleep walking and she said it very possibly could be that. Well, it just happened again tonight. Luckily she didn't go in the boys room tonight, but did come downstairs to the basement where I am. She was crying and I thought maybe it was a "regular" bad dream or something, but when asked why she was crying she started to say she was upset because she couldn't go with me... I just stopped her and hugged her. I put her on the toliet, said I was glad she didn't go in the boys room, and sent her to bed with a kiss. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Being single, the night scares freak me out! :)

On other fronts, Little One is beginning to cruise and in addition to his two bottom teeth which are fully in, he is getting three on top!!! I can't belive he'll be one on the 30th, and that he's only been here for 2 1/2 months - it seems like he's been part of our family so much longer! :)


Anonymous said...

That is scary! I don't know what I would do with a sleep walker- that freaks me out too- I hope it was just this rare thing and doesn't continue. It is fun how quickly they become so close to you- any word on little one's status with you? Will he get to stay? so fun he cruising around! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad I found your blog. I just finished reading your entire blog. Your poem made me cry. Little Did I Know...those words struck a chord with me.

On a lighter note, boy do I sympathize with you over the sleep walking issue. Ash did not sleep walk, but when we dealt with the nightmares for several weeks, it was really freaking me out. When it got really bad, I would make my husband get up and take care of our son because it was too disturbing for me! LOL.

I am really warmed by your story. You are a wonderful mommy. So blessed.


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