Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blah, Blah, Blah

We're heading into actual new territory in foster care. I have read about CASA workers in other blogs, but didn't realize we had them here. Little One now has a CASA worker. From what I've been told, which isn't much, maybe those who know more can tell me, it is basically someone who can be a non-biased third party to represent the child, Little One. I guess bm says a lot of "junk" about myself and the agency, etc. and they want someone to be "witness" to what is going on and the fact that what she says is not true.

Caseworker told me yesterday that bm complains about me trimming his bangs (he has TONS of hair, if I didn't it would be down to his nose!), putting clothes on him that are too small (yeah - usually it's the opposite because the things that fit best are a little long and need to be rolled up once), and basically abusing him. Yep, you heard that right, any little mark on his body is the start of her accusing me of abuse. A small scratch on his face from his nails, a small mark on the private area? that I never even saw myself, etc. Wow. Sad that she has so much time in her one hour supervised visit that she has to throw all that out about me, someone she has never even met. I guess the picture collage and framed 5x7 I've given didn't amount to much. I had nothing to do with the fact that your child is in this, I admit crazy, system.

Anyway, I guess the CASA worker observed the visit last Wednesday. She asked the cw to set up a time to come meet us and see him in the home, possibly yesterday, but as the cw didn't even tell me about her until yesterday (a LOT has been going on in cw land - update later), that didn't happen. She is going to come next Monday evening. I look forward to meeting her and getting her take on bm and the situation.

On another note, just when I thought all was done and peachy keen with my newly adopted son Braeden, life hits you in the face. Nothing can ever be "simple." His adoption was complete on Oct 30, 2006. A couple weeks ago I received a letter basically welcoming me to IL adoption subsidy and post adoption services.

In this letter, it states that it is critical that I go to my local social security office ASAP to officially have his name changed. The letter states that to do this I will need a copy of the order of adoption. It goes on to say that until this change is made, Medicaid will not pay his Medicaid related expenses. Basically, he has been without insurance since Oct 30?????!!!!!! So, being the dutiful person I am, and not wanting Braeden to be without insurance, I go to the Social Security office. WELL, the Social Security office tells me that I cannot change his name with them until I have a copy of his new birth certificate. I say, but this letter from DCFS says that I only need the order of adoption. She says, yes, I don't know why it says that, but you need the birth certificate. Which of course I have yet to receive. SO, I leave that office and get on the cell to call my lawyer to see if he has received the birth certificate and/or when it can be expected. They tell me that new birth certificates take as long as 6 months!!! So, it could be another 4 months!

Mind you, Braeden has a 3yr appt scheduled on Valentine's Day. Beyond that, what if he got sick or heaven forbid - hit by a car or something (if you knew him, you'd understand this is a real threat! :) ) SO, I try day after day at all different times to call the name at the bottom of the letter. The one that says, if you have any questions, please call. NEVER answers, always voice mail. I finally leave a voice mail - she wants name and number ONLY - and have not heard from her. Talked to our now former cw for him yesterday and she's never heard of that either. She is supposed to be trying to get me info from the agency. I cannot be the only one this has affected, come on. What do others do?????

Pray that there are no issues with him sickness wise!

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