Saturday, October 14, 2006


Braeden scared me today. I had to check online to see when you should call the doctor. I should know that by now, but we really haven't had issues of that sort. He was running 103 degrees around noon, took Tylenol. At 3:30, it was 103.7, with the Tylenol still going. At 4:30, he was at 105!!!! Wow! Never had a child with that high of a fever, yes, I called the Dr. He said "I'm not lecturing you, but just so you know, high fevers happen. They come on unexpectedly and if you don't have other symptoms, just keep doing what you've been doing. You should put him in a luke warm bath and send someone for Motrin. If fever stays up the next 24 hrs. give me a call." Send someone for Motrin??? Mind you, we know our pediatrician outside the office as his family goes to our church. He HAS to know I'm a single parent. Oh well. I stuck the kids in the van, no shoes even (for them), drove the half mile to Walgreens, left them in the car (go ahead, call DCFS on me!), and got some Motrin. All I had at home was Tylenol, I thought I had Motrin, guess not. Motrin and Tylenol are great to alternate for fevers in case you didn't know. Motrin works better. Poor guy. He was just so lethargic, eyes watering, teeth chattering though he was burning up on his body. Needless to say tonight I put him down for bed a little early, not a peep. That's when I know he's sick! And tomorrow I'm supposed to be helping paint scenery for our church's production of "Your a Good Man Charlie Brown." They may be painting without me.

On other fronts, since I've been MIA on the blog front lately, nothing much going on. As far as sis, DCFS has decided to close the case. What case? They never really had a case. Unreal. My agency is calling the State's Attourney as soon as the paperwork comes in that they have officially closed it. It AT LEAST needs to be open to check up on her and make sure things are ok. AT LEAST.

We had our home visit yesterday and I was hit with another "possibility." I hate possibilities!!! Well, I guess if they actually turned out I would love them, but since they usually don't, it just gets my hopes up. Anyway, this is for an 8 month old boy. He is most likely not returning home and is currently with a foster mom. My cw tells me she wanted to move him 2 months ago, but her supervisor is stalling. She feels that he is not in a very safe/good environment. In a foster home, go figure. I guess almost every time she goes there he has a bruise or something going on. That is still pretty young to be getting a lot of bruises. He's not walking or cruising yet even. So, they are finally having a big meeting about the situation on Monday and asked me if I would be interested should they decide to finally move him. I said YES! I know, if sis ends up coming here too it could be hairy, but I have to know God's plan will prevail. He knows I wouldn't say no to either of these situations and will give me only what I can handle. So, I've gone through all my 6-12 month boy things. Lucky thing is, if he really is 8 months (cws don't always have ages right) then he was born in Feb which is when Braeden was born. So I have things in his size in the right season. And when I saw the pile of 6-12 I couldn't believe it! What was I doing, outfitting a team!? Anyway, I'm excited and hopeful, we'll see.

Plus - October 30 is almost here! Braden's adoption day! Yay! :0)


Julie said...

Fevers scare me- I hope he is feeling better!! I love that pic!!! My new one will have the same hair as Olivia eventually- I LOVE IT!!! Olivia and Braeden actually look like they are brother and sister. They are beautiful children. I really pray for sis and this new opportunity! how exciting!! You are right- God is in control- whatever He decides- you will have. Hang in there!!

Tamara said...

Oh my gosh - hurray for an adoption date! We have our TPR hearing on the 31st, so it is an eventful month in blog-land. The kids are soo beautiful - amazing, isn't it - how very blessed we all are to have such wonderful kids.

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