Monday, November 25, 2013

Introducing... Us!

This post goes out to all those coming in from Give One Save One, and anyone else semi new here who don't know much about our family... yet.

I'm Lisa, a single mom to three who were each adopted separately through different foster care journeys.

Olivia is 12 and is amazing.  Olivia came to live with me when she was 3 1/2, the same age our Macy is now.  She was finally adopted at age 6.  Olivia LOVES to read, excels at sports (currently focusing on track and trying volleyball soon), LOVES God and church, and is devoted to friends and family.  Her hope is to one day move to a third world country and open an orphanage!  Oh, and she also has HIV.  If you don't know much about HIV in the past 20 years or so, it's become completely managable!  She takes medicine every 12 hours, has three month check ups, but other than that is my healthiest child!  She rarely gets sick and is always on the go!

Braeden is 9 and ALL BOY! :)  Braeden came to live with me right from the hospital at 3 days old.  A good friend was caring for his biological brother and sister at the time (ages 2 and 1 then) and was unable to take a third so I volunteered.  We have now adopted them and are able to see each other from time to time which is SUCH a blessing for them all!  Braeden was adopted at age 2.  He has a few initials which follow his name around in educational settings (ADHD) but he has worked SO HARD to overcome some of his deficits in those areas lately and is becoming a real advocate for himself!

Liam is 7 and came to live with me at 9 months.  He had already been through a few months of living with his bio mom and then a few months with a not so good foster parent.  At nine months he couldn't stand, sit up, crawl, and was making only one sound.  Within ONE WEEK he had met his physical goals and could stand, sit, crawl, etc.  Speech and language have been slower coming and learning is difficult for him.  You wouldn't know it though!  He is feisty and charming and sucks everyone in with his LONG eyelashes!

Each of my kids has such a story of redemption and resilience!  They inspire me daily!

Lately I've been working on myself and getting healthy... and even since I made that video I've lost almost 25 pounds.  Better than that though, I feel great!  I can't wait to have even MORE energy when bringing home Macy and having another little one to run around after and have fun with!

As I said in our video, we are very close to bringing her home.  I first will be taking a two week trip to meet Macy very shortly.  This is a new and unexpected part of the process.  Originally is was to be one week and they have increased some of their expectations.  I'm excited to be able to see her for a longer period of time, but it also means more money is needed since I will be off work longer and will have more expenses in country.  Until now we have budgeted like crazy and remained debt free with a few small fundraisers.  I am nervous about our added expenses with our trips but know that God will provide!

Thank you for taking time to find out more about us.  Please remember to pray for our journey!

You can find our video and donation information on our You Caring site or can donate with the sidebar donation button here on our blog.

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I am a single mom to four amazing kids; each of whom just happen to have been adopted. The first three were adopted through foster care, and we just completed an international adoption from Haiti. Our family has grown through adoption and I am all the more blessed to know each of my children. I worship a mighty God, teach Special Ed, love bargains, and am inspired by Pinterest... come along with us for the ride!

Olivia - 14

Olivia - 14

Braeden - 11

Braeden - 11

Liam - 9

Liam - 9

Macy - 5

Macy - 5

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