Sunday, April 29, 2012

Zoo Day

Such a great day for the zoo! 

We haven't been in quite a while, the weather was perfect, and we just got a membership after not having one the last couple years, so the time was right for us to head out and see the animals!

It was a great day!  The kids did SO well; the boys outlasted the girls today!

We saw some amazing sights.

Almost missed this one...

Had no complaining or begging or the like.

After seeing Chimpanzee yesterday (GREAT movie!) 
it broke my heart to see the gorillas and some of the others 
in these UNnatural environments.

Braeden's class is working on projects relating to the ocean habitat
and Braeden's animal is the sea turtle,
hence the excitement on his face! :)

Seems we're always trying to measure up in SOME way!

Some of us measure up better than others. :)

Trying to get a better view too.

There they are!

All in all...

they had a blast...

and wore themselves out,
even with a ring pop in their mouth!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

Yesterday while I was at a workshop all day, a friend went to pick up Percy to take him to the vet for us.  When she arrived, he was RUNNING around and playing!  So glad!  So we canceled his appointment.

This morning Liam was a rock star!  He did SO WELL!  He laid on the bed while we waited for him to be taken back, and even took a short nap (we had to be there EARLY).  No crying when he went in or came out.  And he was back to himself right away, not even groggy!  We hung out this afternoon and watched a couple movies, while I also got done with some laundry, painting a chair for my bedroom (have I mentioned I am in the midst of a bedroom makeover for myself?  It's been a long time coming!), doing dishes, and putting some things up for sale on FB.

This afternoon we took Olivia to the doctor to have her leg checked out, and he gave us the thumbs up!  It's healing well and he sees no sign of it becoming an abscess like she had the last time!  Bonus!

On a side note, I just uploaded some pictures I hadn't gotten around to before.  This is Braeden's habitat project he completed last weekend and turned in on Monday.  He did the Tundra and focused on the polar bear, earning himself a 12 out of 12 points!  Way to go Braeden!

And finally... still waiting on two other people to finish their paperwork which I need to complete my application for the Haiti program and mail everything in!  Grrrrrrr!  I am not good at waiting on others, especially when I know this is a long enough process on its own without taking extra time unnecessarily. :(  Hopefully they will be in soon and my process will be on it's way once again!

So glad all is well... now on for some MUCH needed REST this weekend!  Of course, we have some planned activities already, but I'm looking forward to some good family time!
Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prayer Warriors

Prayer... we could definitely use some prayers today and tomorrow.

Tomorrow Liam is scheduled to get tubes in his ears.  I know it's a very routine procedure, but of course any time it's surgery there is always a risk.

On top of that, yesterday morning Olivia came to me to show me a large "pimple" on her leg.  You may remember two summers ago she ended up in the hospital with surgery for a similar infection on her abdomen that QUICKLY became so bad she could barely walk.  She's a little freaked to say the least (as am I).  We drained it and applied antibiotic cream, but it seems to have a large area surrounding it under the skin which is what worries me.  I have a workshop all day today so am going to try to take her to the doctor tomorrow afternoon, with groggy Liam along.

THEN, to top it off, our dog Percy started limping on his front paw last night.  It wasn't horrible and I really prayed he would sleep it off.  BUT, it seems worse this morning.  No clue what is going on with that.  He will barely put weight on it.  I tried taking him out but he wouldn't go to the bathroom.  Tried taking him to his water bowl but wouldn't drink.  He just wants to be by me and lay down.  I don't know what to do with everything else going on.  He seems warm to me too, but could be my imagination.  I could take him in Saturday, but worry that would be late. :(

We could really use some prayers!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Factual Friday

I thought I'd take some time during these months of waiting, waiting, waiting, to share some facts about Haiti I'm learning and discovering through this process.

So today is Factual Friday number ONE.

Kind of hits you like a brick in the face doesn't it.

One of the many reasons we have chosen Haiti to adopt from.
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Role Models

Sometimes in the world today
I wonder what kind of live role models are appropriate for kids any longer.
And then God parts the skies and flops one down right in front of us.

A couple weeks ago my class was invited along with the rest of the grade level,
to visit an author speaking at a local college.

Listening to her was amazing.

Have you heard of Andrea Davis Pinkney?

(above photo from

I had seen the book Duke Ellington previously,
but that was the extent of my knowledge of her as an author.

Mrs. Pinkney is an amazing author, woman, and yes, role model.

Her writing focuses on picture books of African American nonfiction and
historical fiction and I was awe inspired.

I sat there wishing above all that Braeden, and especially Olivia,
could be there to hear what I was hearing.

And then we were told that she would be speaking that evening at a local library.
And we had NO plans! Score!

I took Braeden out toward the end to purchase books so she could sign them,
so I only got a tiny piece of Olivia's bright magenta fleece up there in the front,
but that was her asking a couple of great questions at the end of the
presentation. So proud!

Books were discounted and we ended up with three.
Olivia chose Let it Shine: Stories of Black Women Freedom Fighters.
Braeden chose Sit In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down.
And we got one family book titled Boycott Blues.

LOVE them!!!
And would HIGHLY recommend any of her books!

(I'm trying to convince Olivia to cut her hair like Andrea's...
but not sure that will fly...
yet anyway!) :0)

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Prep

We had a wonderful and blessed Easter
and I hope you did too!

Before I share a few pics of today,
I thought I'd post some from yesterday.

We had some great weather and were outside most of the day.
That included a few minutes to "plant" the "magic" jelly beans
we found at the store.
Mom "read" on the package that if you planted them on Easter eve,
a special surprise would "grow" overnight. :)
(Thanks Pinterest!)

We also colored eggs,
always fun!

Love the serious faces!

After putting the kids to bed,
I got out plastic eggs, a few fillers, and glow sticks (inside) for a nighttime hunt.

Getting the kids up a couple hours later
(Braeden was SO out it took a few minutes!)
they headed out to find some eggs
and were so tickled by the new idea!
(Thanks again Pinterest!)

The light is only from my flash,
it was pitch black back there! :)

Then back to bed and ready to wake up bright and early for our special day!

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