Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Banner Day

Finally got word today from my adoption agency. And it's a GO on the other country their agency works with which I would qualify for! They spoke in person to the director of the program in the country and she is comfortable working with me... little old me... a single mom to three already. I'm THRILLED! I don't have specifics yet about what I will now need to complete to meet their requirements, which are certain to be different from Hong Kong (isn't that always the way?), and don't yet know what this program costs in comparison to the one I had already been in, but it sounds like most of my funds I've already paid should transfer to this program which is great. I've put away my tax refund, and have saved some more than that, and our frugality should add more as the months roll on. Please know that when I post about a "vacation" or something of the sort, I am really good at finding deals, making our money stretch, and keeping our daily costs down, so that we can do a few "extras." And even those extras are closely monitored for the best value. :) I don't want money to stand in our way in this adoption at all, and I certainly don't expect handouts while "treating" us to extravagant expenditures. :)

I know many of you may be wondering, just what IS this "other" country. So much of what is on the internet can compromise an adoption, and until I know specifics on this country and what can/should be posted and what shouldn't, I won't be saying much about specifics unfortunately.

Some have asked, "Why not adopt domestically?" That's a short question with a very long answer. There is no right or wrong answer to this particular question and I hesitate to even answer because I know some are very passionate one way or the other with the regards to the answer. I promise I will think some more on this topic and try to form a post soon that answers OUR reason for international adoption. I hope you will read it with open hearts and minds.


Kathy C. said...

People ask me why I don't adopt from foster care and my answer is: I applied to adopt through our state in 2004 and nothing. The one time another county choose us (last summer) for a 9 yr old she thought would fit in our family, the two counties wouldn't work together and he went to someone else!!

I hope this all works out for you.

Jeanie said...

Things are looking up. That's great! I'm very happy for you.

Heidi said...

Oh, the suspense - I've been waiting to hear the country... hoping it's Haiti just because my youngest is Haitian. Can't wait til you can share the news about your new little one!

Barb said...

I am so happy for you! Can't wait to follow your new journey, I guess you were looking in the wrong place to begin with and your baby girl wasn't quite ready! Praying it goes smoother from here on out for you!!!

maureen said...

Lisa, I am so glad things are progressing for you. I have had the same questions asked of me, why adopt through foster care? Why not try infant adoption? I think it is such a personal decision, especially when we pray about it and feel directed by God. Why not paint your house turquoise blue? It's a matter of personal preference and the heart.

I am praying for good news for you. I think we may be nearing the end of our foster-to-adopt journey. It is just getting too hard on the kids when the babies leave. I am right now looking at other options.

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