Friday, December 16, 2011

A Mistake

Yes, I made a mistake, a BIG one, and now I'm paying the price. And oh what a price it's been.

I have never gotten a flu shot.

There, I said it. My daughter gets one each year at one of her quarterly appointments. I always figured it doesn't always cover the current "strain" anyway, so what was the point. Well let me tell you, if a simple (yes, simple, even though I DESPISE shots) shot could've prevented what I've been going through the past four days and am still knee deep in the midst of, I would've gotten ten!

Wasn't feeling great while my mom was here visiting, but more of a cold, this Monday I felt worse and had our school nurse take my temp. For most a temp of 99.5 wouldn't signify much, but I NEVER get fevers, so I KNEW something was wrong.

Tuesday I stayed home because Liam wasn't feeling well, but then I woke up and felt just yucky! Still hoped that by staying home and resting all day (we literally lay on the couch and popped movie after movie and I slept through most) would "take care of it."

By Tuesday night it was SO much worse. My throat felt like swallowing glass, my chest HURT, my body ached, my head hurt, I was back and forth feverish and chilled, and just. felt. awful. I took off Wednesday and called the doctor. I ended up having the flu, a bladder infection, and possibly strep. I started antibiotics, but the symptoms all persisted, and are still there now raging as much as then. I went back to the doctor today and basically they said wait it out. The flu is kicking my butt! It's all I can do to put food on the table for the kids and get them to and from school. And even then, Olivia did one breakfast for me. If I take three ibuprofen I feel "ok" for a while, but you can only do six in 24 hours so that doesn't leave much of a reprieve. I am PRAYING the next two days see some relief in these symptoms, and that the kids stay healthy!

And next year I WILL be getting the flu shot! IF there is even a CHANCE of bypassing this HE** I'm in, I'll do it!


maureen said...

So sorry you are feeling icky. I hope the worst is over for you. Don't forget the chicken broth!

Diane said...

So sorry you are miserable. I learned this lesson a few years back (totally kicked my butt!) and have had a flue shot every year since. It's worked! Hope you feel much better soon.

Barb said...

Hope you feel better soon! I feel the same way about the flu shot but probably not worth the chance of getting it.

Jeanie said...

Very sorry you're sick. I, too, learned the hard way to get a flu shot every year. It's been at least 15 years since my lesson. My sister is a nurse and refuses to get the shot! Go figure.

Annie said...

I had something similar, and it wasn't flu. Furthermore I heard an interesting "expose" on Public Radio....apparently the flu shot only has something like 15% efficacy with adults - even if the strain of flu is one the shot was supposed to cover.

Just hope you feel better. My bronchitis lasted THREE weeks, and a month later I'm still not 100%.

(Popped in from De's blog....) Merrry Christmas.

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