Saturday, August 01, 2009

Soccer Season

This is a first for our family, and I am officially a soccer mom! :)

We're having lots of fun trying out soccer this year. Our local association began mid July and since that was the perfect time for us with our vacation this year, we signed up last spring. Braeden wanted to try it, so even though we've done gymnastics, swim lessons, tae kwon do, all to no avail with him, I decided to try again.

Practices for both have gone well. Olivia loves soccer, as she does with everything physical she's tried, and she does well, especially for her first year. Braeden has been Braeden. :) He does well when he's focused and paying attention and engaged, and if he's waiting in line to shoot, or something similar, he is off task to say the least. :)

Today was the first day of games. We began at 8:30 am with Braeden's game. I was AMAZED! He did GREAT!!!! He played about half the game, and while in he was focused, he knew where to be and what goal to go for (something which this age is not always so good at!), and he even shot a goal! I was SO PROUD of him! I really hope he continues and soccer can be something for him "to do."

Olivia's game was at 1:00 in the afternoon. We had some rain, but that didn't stop them! She did AWESOME and played most of the game! She also scored a goal and I was so excited for her! I think she was exhausted (her age group's field is quite larger than Braeden's), but said she wished she could do it all again!

The only downfall was that we missed nap time. Olivia just gets so very tired, especially during the summer when we're so active and out and about. We had some issues tonight, so next time we have a mid day game I think we'll do at least a morning rest time and see if that helps.
On other fronts, we've been busy as ever. We joined the local YMCA to swim and play and hopefully so mom has a place to workout. :) It's only a couple blocks from our home, so we've walked there a few times. We've taken the bikes out, visited the nearby children's museum (free on Tuesdays!), had some hometown friends over to visit and play Wii, gone to Lincoln Park Zoo, enjoyed some $1 Wednesday morning movies, and spent a WONDERFUL day at a blogger friend's who lives in this area though we had never met! :) She and her husband have 5 children, two of whom are adopted from Eithiopia. Two other of her friends also brought their kids over - one has two bio and two adopted from Eithiopia, and the other has three from Eithiopia and two from Russia. It was a blessed day, and I truly enjoyed getting to know these wonderful women and asking lots of questions about international adoption! :) I'm so very close to starting this process!!! Just waiting for the final go from God... but it's coming soon! :)
I have lots more I want to blog about, but still have yucky dial up at home and posting pics and such just takes FOREVER. I'm planning on getting wireless, so hoping I make the call and get it going this week!


Sara said...

Love the soccer shots! Happy to see an update! And what's this I hear about being "so close" to starting an international adoption?! Do tell! :))

Boa starts soccer in a few weeks, and he's also trying karate for the first time tomorrow. He was going to do tumbling again, which was fine, even though he's done it several times and I feel like I'm just paying for him to go play on fun stuff for a bit. Then out of the blue the other day, he said, "Can I change a sport? Or is it too late? What about karate?" Should be interesting.hhhehehehe.

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