Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Today was Little One's court date. It was a good day. :) I still, as I said, haven't heard from the agency regarding their thought as to whether or not they will try to make his bio grandma a placement if/when termination happens, but I think it's a good day for Little One today.

Bio mom ignored me while we waited to go into court. Another GAL whom I know from outside the "system" came to talk to me as I waited. She said how glad she was that Little One was with me and "will be with me..." I said that I wondered if the agency wasn't going to try to send him to Gma and she said "Oh, nobody is thinking that!" Which makes me think that his GAL will not go that way even if the agency tries to do that, but I still don't know. "Dad" (I don't think he is bio dad, but I guess he hasn't been proven not to be???) showed up in chains which was interesting. He's locked up and will be for some time. Mom was not happy to see him there. She has another boyfriend she's always with.

In court the judge started by asking if the goal was still return home within one year. L.O.'s GAL said yes but that it looked like it wouldn't be that way for long. The judge was looking at the paperwork and said that it looked like mom had made no progress. Her lawyer tried to get ther court to rule that mom had made progress, she had made attempts. The judge said that yes she had made attempts, but no progress had been made. He changed the goal to Return Home pending Capacity, I think was the word used. They are awaiting the results of a full eval of mom's capacity for parenting.

The cw was asked by the GAL if there was anything the agency needed from the court to fulfill this finding of info so that when they resumed for permanency in June everything would be done. He first said no but then she said that DCFS usually won't pay for these evals without a court order and she suggested they order it to be safe, so he agreed. Why doesn't he know this???? I'm glad she was pushing him and got this done. Mom was not happy of course. She said that she is doing everything. I kind of wish the judge would have gone over what she hasn't done, but he pretty much just ignored her.

The worst part for me was that while we awaited the hearing, about an hour in the outer part of the court house, mom didn't even look at me. I don't mind that but what I mean is, she hasn't seen her son for 3 weeks, over Christmas. Doesn't she wonder how his Christmas was? What he did in FL on our trip? What he's up to? How he's doing? Anything? I don't understand not wanting to ask all sorts of questions and being interested in what he does at "home." I know she sees him weekly, but it's one hour in a play room at the agency. Doesn't she want to know about his everyday life? I mentioned this only once to his CASA worker after I met mom at the family meeting. She seemed like it wasn't a big deal. She said that mom sees him every week. That isn't much to me. I just don't understand not wanting to know about your child. How they go to sleep. What they like to eat, what they don't. That to me is more sad than anything.

His next court date is June 24, oh how I can't wait for that day!!!!!

On a side note, Girlie's cw told me today that her bio mom thought I was kidnapping Girlie by taking her to FL!!!! Wow! That's crazy! She had court today too, which I didn't even know. Mom didn't show up and it was pretty much just continued until May since it was only her first court date.


Julie said...

Just caught up on it all- glad to hear you had a great holiday and court was good for LO- I am glad you are holding out for Girlie- she needs you! Love the Olivia story- hilarious!!!

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