Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Boot

Well, Girlie officially received the boot from yet another day care today.

Yesterday I was told to pick her up again as she had bitten 3 times. The cw got them to isolate her instead until I was done at work. BUT I had to sign a paper saying that the next time she bit I would have 2 weeks to move her to a new place.

She bit twice today.

Tonight at the YMCA where Olivia does cheerleading, the younger 3 were in the nursery. I was retrieved after Girlie told them to Shut Up, numerous times. I guess someone was eating his dinner and she started over there. They told her they would get her a snack but that that was his. She turned to them and pointed her finger and said You shut up. She continued and got up from time out many times. I took her up with me to sit and miss out on the toys and snack and movie and she was not a happy camper, which is good. She knew she made some bad choices and what she was losing. Some parents tried talking to her after she had some time to think and she kept covering her face and not really even looking at them. She was embarrassed. I'm glad she understood but that's also what is so frustrating. She is a smart girl. She doesn't do this at home. She has bit twice the entire time she's been with us and has said shut up a couple times, but she knows it is not accepted and we just don't see it. I'm glad of that, but frustrated it still has not carried over to other areas. The looks she gives, it's like she is such an adult. I hate to think of all that the baby has been through to make her this way at the age of two, a young two at that.

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