Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sledding Fun

I really am surprised that we had today off. It was a gorgeous day. The sun melted all the snow off my car by mid-afternoon and the temperature wasn't bad at all. After naps we had a snack and bundled up to walk down to "the" sledding hill in our area. It is at the end of our block, and it's funny to look outside and see the street lined with cars from people who are sledding. We buckled Little One in the baby sled and I pulled him while Braeden walked with me and Olivia followed up the rear with the "big kid" sled. After going down a few times and people repeatedly saying how cute and brave and funny they were (they get huge grins, scream, and go super fast!), they went down what would be their final ride. Little One was getting antsy, I was getting tired of the wait while they walked back up, and I could tell they were at the point where it wouldn't be much fun anymore. On their way back up from this run, I look down to see Braeden take his hat off. He was swinging it around (like a cowboy) and I could imagine him saying "Yee Haw" although I couldn't hear him from where I was with all the many other people around. I turned to talk to Olivia who had just reached the top and when I looked back down Braeden had removed his mittens! He then started to unzip his coat and I all but rushed down the hill to him. I get there and he says, "I'm chilly mama." Are you kidding!!!! You are taking off your things in the middle of winter, of course you're "chilly"! I told him why he was chilly, zipped up his coat and hiked us back up the hill. At the top he was about chattering his teeth. We got his mittens back on and I could tell the hat he had chosen (it had a sailboat on it, so of course it had to be worn, not the plain black warm one! Duh!) was thin and wet through. I took off my hat and placed it on his head. He said "Ahhh..." and we walked back to the house. Maybe we need to learn more formally about cold and hot and what would cause us to feel a certain way while we are outside!? :) LOL


Julie said...

So much fun- I love snow- we had some "flakes" this morning on my way to work- but nothing to speak of. Hope you stay warm!

Sara said...

Hahahahaha! Funny the things you don't automatically think to talk to your children about...all the things that just seem like common sense. We were at Ash's tumbling class a couple weeks ago, and one of the dads was asking if Boa was potty trained. I was telling him he was, and that I had just started letting him wear underwear outside the house. I looked down at Noah at that moment and saw that he had pulled his pants down to his ankles and was standing there, proudly, fists on his waist, waiting for the man to comment on his new Cars movie underwear. LOL.


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