Sunday, December 03, 2006

First Hospital Visit

...For Little One that is. (I've been what seems a million times for others!) He has not felt real great for a week or so, a cough, etc. We bought the cute penguin vaporizer for nights, but it didn't really seem to be helping. Friday morning he awoke with lots of green gunk all over his nose. He didn't have a fever, but did have a little temp of about 99. We stayed home and tried to get him in to the primary care physician he would soon be going to but had not yet been set up as a patient. The secretary said he wouldn't be in until 2:30, but she would talk to him in the morning between meetings and call me. Time flew with Little One and I hanging out, and me trying to get some housework done since I had to take one of my precious few sick days (I now only have 4 for the rest of the school year!). Before I knew it it was 1:30. I knew I needed to get to the grocery store since I had only one and we were about at the Mother Hubbard's Cupboard stage. Of course they called at 2pm!!! Are you kidding? I didn't even call back, I was so frustrated! It was almost time to pick up the other two. Long story short I should've called and hopefully the Dr. would have seen him.

Saturday night, a friend was over and Little One just started acting lethargic, had more trouble breathing, and he was getting a fever. I took him temp and it was 101.2. Time to go to ER. My friend took Braeden and put him to bed at her place as it was 7:20 by the time we left. Olivia came with me and Little One. They took his temp once we got there and it had already gone up to 102.9, which for a 10month old is not good. They took him right back and the poor guy had to have saline shot up his nose, an IV inserted to withdraw blood and admin. antibiotics, and Xrays to rule out pneumonia. He ended up "fine" but with a bad cold. We were told to do Tylenol/Motrin rotation every three hours and given amoxicilian prescription. By the time we left his meds had kicked in and he was much better. Today you can tell he just doesn't feel good. Doesn't really want to eat much, but I'm tricking him into it - I'm so mean! :) He has also taken two long naps. Not sure yet if I will need to be off with him tomorrow as well. I'll call his sitter tonight and see what she thinks. She has 6 - 3 bio and 3 adopted and is now expecting!!! :) She knows these things. :) Here's to feeling better Bubba. :)


Julie said...

Awwww- I hate it when they are sick- it is so sad- and scary! I hope he is feeling better and the the other two don't get it!

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