Monday, August 14, 2006

So Much Information

We're back... We're back!!! (OK, I admit, we've been back for two weeks!) :(

Prior to leaving I was able to get the living room and hall floors refinished, and painted the living room, looking good!!!

We had sooooo much fun in FL! It was nice to have two more sets of hands and attention to go around for a while. :) We swam almost daily, ate out constantly (since my parents don't know what the term home cooking means :) Just kidding!), went to the beach, Busch Gardens, Mickey's Magic Show on stage, and Sing Along Mary Poppins at a grand old theatre. Didn't buy too too much, but found some great deals. How can you pass up Gap boys flip flops for 97 CENTS each!!! Got two pair in upcoming sizes for Braeden. Also found a great outfit for him for our Adoption Day!

Speaking of adoptions... Braeden's subsidy paperwork has been turned in to the courts and we anxiously are awaiting a court date to finalize!!!! Unreal!!! Within a month it will be a done deal!

Tomorrow is Olivia's final termination court hearing! Also on her front I found out some unbelievable news today, but am waiting on pins and needles to find out if it is true. Through some unusual circumstances I found out today from some people that they are 99% sure that her bio mom had another baby within the past week or so!!! It fits turn of events because she completely dropped out of the picture with no phone, address, etc about 7 months ago... Hmmm... I wonder why? Obviously trying to hide the fact and hope to get by with keeping the baby??? Well, I passed the info on to her cw who now will be calling the hospitals and health dept to find out if this is true. I guess that her name should have come up at the hospital as a red flag. So - it sounds like, from what I heard from people today, that if this info is true, and if they can find her and the baby, I may be getting a placement! Wow. Needless to say tonight I find myself going through all of my baby stuff "just in case." A newborn in tow is not the time to reorganize all my clothing bins, etc.

Olivia turns five on Wednesday! How exciting! We will be going out to breakfast and opening gifts that evening, then having her party on Sat. Next Thursday she begins kindergarten and she is soooo very excited!!!

They began day care today, and are with Olivia's former cw. She lives only a couple blocks from my school which will be great!

I finally got a new computer, but for some reason it won't upload photos!!!! What is with me and computers? Anyway, I'm at least on the right track! :)

This past weekend, a friend of mine had planned a christening for her son, my godson. We were to go Thursday ( my hometown ) and stay through Sun morning. She called right before we were leaving to say they would have to reschedule due to the airline issues. Unfortunately many who were attending are from out of town and were flying in. We ended up still going to visit and had a great time. I'm exhausted!!! I don't know how long ago it was that I stayed up til 1 am! But it was great fun. We picked blackberries which was a first for the kids and a blast. She also helped me to make, on the computer, almost the exact same adoption announcements as ones I wanted to order online. I think it will be soooo much cheaper! What a blessing!

Remember back when we went to see Barney? I had talked about wanting to take them to the Wiggles? They LOVE the Wiggles! Well, I had watched their website for literally months as to when they were coming nearby. Finally, they were to come to Allstate Arena this past weekend and tickets were going on sale in June. Well, of course after months of watching for this info, they went on sale while my mom was here and we were out of town for the weekend. I conveniently remembered two weeks later!!! I couldn't believe it!!! By then I could only get tickets pretty far back. I didn't really want to go if we weren't close, because I just didn't think they would really "get it" otherwise. Anyway, long story short (too late), my dad found out about this, and last week got on the internet. He found fifth row "hot potato" seats and purchased them for us!!! We went on Sunday on our way back from my friends and had sooooo much fun!!!! Their faces when the different characters were coming out were priceless! Especially Captain Feathersword, they love him! In fact, we did a lot of pirate things in FL and they both want to be pirates for Halloween! Too cute! I'm checking on Ebay! :)

Well, I think that's a pretty good update for now! Hoping you are well. God bless.


Julie said...

It sounds like you had a great summer! I am excited to hear of a potential baby in the mix!!! that is great news!! YEA about the upcoming TPR and ADOPTION!!! Such exciting things going on for you!!! Keep us up! Glad your back!

Julie said...


Tamara said...

So glad to hear things are going well! Oh my goodness - another baby perhaps?? I've heard about that happening, but I had no idea how frequently it really does happen that after you adopt you get "the call" that there is another baby. Do let us know when the date for finalization is - we want to celebrate with you all!!

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