Thursday, May 11, 2006

Let Me Off!!!

The past day and a half has been a rollercoaster ride I want to get off of - and I LOVE rollercoasters normally! Starting from receiving the phone call about B's appeal being denied I thought: I'm on cloud nine, nothing else means anything, etc.

That afternoon, five minutes before picking up the kids from day care, three days before we were to move on Friday, I got A CALL. The kind of call I have not had for over a year since Jcame to live with me. The kind of call I had been itching for in the last couple months. A call for a placement. A two year old girl. Oh My Gosh! I wanted to say yes in a heartbeat. I wanted to, I wanted to, I couldn't. Not with having nothing in our house. Not with having my minivan packed to the max in preparation for the move and no room for a third car seat. Not today. I called back to say no, after the most agonizing ten minutes I've had in a long time. Ended up they didn't need the placement after all. My agency was secondary, another was first, and they ended up finding a placement for her.

Whew! I thought what a lot to thing through in one day. (There is also something else going on that I'm not really at liberty to talk through over the internet, sorry. :( ) But, then, Wednesday brought even more.

We had our home visit with B's cw on Wednesday. She told me that they may have a "possibility" for me. Now, I've had a couple other "possibilities" before. You get your hopes up, start thinking about where they'd sleep, what clothes you have that might fit them, how they would "fit" in your family, etc. You start to bond with a child you know absolutely nothing about other than their age and gender. Crazy, but it happens. So, while I'm not convinced this will definately happen, I do have hopes, I can't deny it.

The cw told me that they had a newborn come into care. The newborn boy was placed with a relative. That relative placement already has three of their siblings. A 9 MONTH old!!! And while I was in shock from her telling me that, she said the ages of the other two which I didn't quite hear, but am pretty sure they are both under 6. So now they have a newborn, a 9 month old, and two others under 6! She said that the agency doesn't think it will probably work out due to the other three they already have. She and J's cw have already talked about how I was hoping for another baby. So... We'll see. :0) Perfect case scenario would be for them to try it for a month and then decide they can't do best for him due to the situation and then call me in June. That way school is over and we're in the new house. But I won't hold my breath - not too much anyway! :)

Ok, so then when I was practically on cloud nine thinking B and J are headed to adoption, I may get a new baby, etc. the dreaded phone just has to ring. My realtor. She said she had some bad news and the closing will not be happening on Friday. WHAT???

The people buying my house are going through FHA with the Ameridream program. Yesterday Ameridream put a freeze on all money going out. While I could understand freezing money for new people just applying for financing, how on earth can you justify freezing money for people you have already approved and are about to close??? My realtor is supposed to find out more today. She said they will let some through to continue but we're not sure who yet and Friday will NOT happen no matter what. They are hoping to get it to go through by Monday. So, we have clothes through Sat, no food, hardly anything at all in the house, I've already sold the dryer, and my van, packed to the max I tell you, is supposed to go into the shop Monday to be repaired. Pray we can close Monday!!! It not only affects me, but the people whose house I'm buying and the house they are buying. The family currently in the house I'm buying also has two small children so I'm sure they're in a similar boat. I know it's not my fault, but I feel terrible.

What on earth will today bring???


Julie said...

Oh my goodness!! I am praying and will continue!! What a day you had-I hope it all works! A newborn!! Whew! Babies are fun! I want another child too- I think a toddler next or maybe a school age child. Who knows what God will bring. It is so hard to say no to placements- my heart goes out to you!

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