Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Well, as always seems to happen, we are having a bit of a delay getting into our new home. Just before spring break my realtor found out that the realtor for the people purchasing my home did not tell them I had found a house and had a signed contract, so they had not started their loan info. He declares she never told him, but I know better. Very frustrating. Due to this, it will be a two week delay. We are now looking at closing May 12. Since I am a teacher and had spring break last week, I had ordered online for one of those PODS to come last Monday. That way I could spend my spring break packing while the kiddos were at day care (with some time to take J to a movie, etc. thrown in.) I still went ahead because I just didn't know when else I would be able to get all the packing done. Moving with the POD will be so much easier. I just hate asking for help, and this way I can pack it all myself and ask for friends to come help unload one afternoon after we move in. Unfortunately, right now I'm almost done filling the POD and am at the point where I don't think it will all fit. Life - oh well.

On the adoption front, B's paperwork is in progress. We still have not heard, however, if his bios appeal was formally denied. J's caseworker is doing his paperwork because B just got his fourth caseworker recently. There has been a lot of turnover as of late for some reason. So she's just going to do it. She came for a visit over break since she hadn't seen them for a while with a new intern doing most of the home visits lately. She asked for each of their "new" names to write on the paperwork, so it's pretty much a done deal with those! Very strange feeling.

J has been talking a lot lately about cutting her hair short. She's African American and has fairly long hair. She doesn't like getting it done. (We've done it a million different ways.) She also has a tendency to itch it a lot, making it very knotty. A friend of mine (who is African American) thinks we should go ahead. She thinks it will look cute as a little afro and then J could do it herself each morning. Someone from DCFS was here for a visit with J, the caseworker, and I last week and as I was asking the caseworker about this, since I can't just choose to get her hair cut myself!, the DCFS lady said that I should not let her cut it and that she is just too young to make that decision for herself. I think if that's what she really wants then she should be able to do that. It's not like she's asking to pierce her tongue! It's hair! It will grow again! :) The cutest thing was that when the caseworker asked J why she wanted her hair cut she didn't say anything about not liking it done, etc, she turned to me and said to me, "Because I want my hair short like yours mommy!" We talked later about how special that was to me but that she did need to understand that her hair would still not look just like mine because we have different hair. Hers would still be curly even though it was short, and mine is straight as a board. So - hair cutting??? - we'll see, but I think it would be cute!


Tamara said...

Aww - I think it would be cute too. And from what I gather from my sister-in-law, ethnic hair can be a real task, and perming (straightening) can really be a pain, especially for a little girl. Short and natural sounds fun to me - and it can enhance her appreciation for her curly hair (that unfortunately society gives the wrong message about anyway - that "straight" is the way to go to be beautiful).

So glad to hear things are progressing. Turnaround with workers is a big problem here too.

Julie said...

I hate moving! I feel for you! the packing- the unpacking- Pods are the best- As far as the hair thing goes- I look forward to my little SB growing some so I can put it in a million pony tails! but I bet it gets tiring on them! I think if she wants to cut it- then so be it! I do hear that there is a lot involved in ethnic hair- whatever is politically correct here- It will be different than what I am use to but we will learn! great news on the adoption progress!! Are you changing their first and middle name?

Me said...

I'm changing both of Bo's, for a few reasons. Jakala wants a new first one, but I'm keeping Jakala as her middle name. Yes, their hair, both are AA, was difficult to get used to, but I found a great book called Kids Talk Hair (I think) and it helped. I also have a couple friends that have helped a lot. I don't mind doing it at all. With hers short, it will still be long enough to braid or do little "puff balls". :)

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